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Attempt to disprove Newton’s Law

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In an attempt to disprove Newton’s laws of motion and, more importantly, to highlight the importance of absorbing, rather than transferring force in the event of an accident, Shark helmets built a unique version of Newton’s cradle.

Unlike the executive toy that has been a common sight on company desks for nearly 40 years, and that takes its name from one of the greatest physicists in history, Shark’s version omitted steel balls suspended by wires and replaced them by five crash-helmeted motorcyclists, swinging by their ankles.

In the first demonstration, the first of the five bikers was swung, head first into his dangling colleagues, and as with the executive toy, the force of the impact was transferred through the others, resulting in the fifth biker swinging up in the air due to the transfer of momentum, before winging back into position again and continuing the chain reaction.

In the second demonstration, the helmets were replaced for Shark Race-R Pro Carbon and Shark Speed-R helmets and when the first biker swung into the others, he came to rest and the others remained stationary, all of the force having been absorbed by the helmets.

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