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Internet-connected spectacles

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According to Babak Parviz, head of the Google Glass project, in an interview with IEEE Spectrum magazine, Google’s internet-connected glasses project is gradually taking shape. Google is currently working on the glasses’ autonomy and commands and they should be ready for commercialization in the next couple of years.

Parviz explained that for now, the glasses are directed by a touchpad. But Google is also working on voice commands as well as head movements to give users more intuitive control.

Another important point being developed concerns battery life, which should be able to last a whole day. There are also plans for the glasses to allow users to take calls. However, according to Parviz, there are not yet any plans for the inclusion of advertising content.

Project Glass is an ambitious internet-connected glasses project that was presented in April 2012. Although currently only a concept, it takes the user into an augmented reality with a lens that interacts directly with his or her environment (by giving information on the weather or a route for example) and online Google services (emails, video conferencing, etc.).

A first version will be released for developers this year, priced at around 1,500 dollars (about 1,130 euros). A version for the general public is expected in 2014, provided Google manages to achieve its aims by then.

AFP/Relax News

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