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Crisis in Syria: Inside Aleppo

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In this exclusive documentary, CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh takes us on a journey to see what people living in the most populated Syrian city, Aleppo, are facing day to day.

As the death toll from the civil war continues to climb, danger and many times death seem inevitable.  Paton Walsh documents the tragic stories of a young girl hit by a sniper’s bullet and a baby that is the sole survivor of a bomb blast that leaves an entire family dead.

In this rebel held territory, the sounds of gunfire and bombs haunt the streets.  It’s hard to sleep at night when you don’t know when the next attack is coming or whom the next victim may be. And for those suffering with injuries, the hospitals seem ill-equipped to handle their wounds. This is their new reality. This is life inside Aleppo.

In a CNN International special, Crisis in Syria: Inside Aleppo, Nick Paton-Walsh shows in gripping detail the stalemate between rebels and the Syrian government and gives context to the appalling civilian casualties.

Warning: This documentary contains graphic images that many will find disturbing


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