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Julius Malema joins thousands at COSATU march

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A sea of workers, the unemployed, and supporters led by COSATU and leaders from various structures including the ANC Youth League, swamped the Johannesburg city centre as they marched to hand over memoranda to the Department of Labor and Eskom as well as the Premiers’ Office.

7 March 2012


Who gave the monkey a microphone?

7 March 2012


The only difference is Malema can’t sit in the trees anymore. That monkey is too fat to climb a tree.

8 March 2012


yhee good luck boys with yr racist remarks.

8 March 2012


Well these floppys can strike every day for the next 10 years, labour brokers are here to stay. Labour broking is a way to get rid of the incompetent, lazy munts, and there’s many, many of them. The strikers are un-employed floppys anyway, so it makes no difference to us employers.

8 March 2012


Max the baboon was spotted in JNB yesterday !!! He was wearing a yellow t-shirt and a funny hat. The blacks call him Malema’

12 March 2012


Malema is like a small dog, it yaps and yaps and makes noise, but when you say BOO ! then that chimpanzeeee squeals and runs away. He’s a coward.

4 April 2012


It’s a fact that Malema is finished. That small monkey is history.

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