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ANCYL remain headstrong over Malema

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The ANC Youth League has announced that Julius Malema will appeal against his expulsion from the ANC. His deputy Ronald Lamola told reporters at Luthuli House in Johannesburg that the sanctions meted out were not only unfair, but were not in keeping with the true values of the ANC.

8 March 2012


isn’t that a bit racist?

8 March 2012

Barry Gene

So what?

10 March 2012

Mike White

Malema looks to me like the product of a township dog (mother) and a swinging ape (father).

11 March 2012


Malema swing good. But we like to shoot those things that swing good in trees. It’s black, so we will shoot it.

12 March 2012


I want to feed this black to my rottweiler. My dog will chow that black.

12 March 2012


Um, I’m still waiting for Malema to come “Shoot the Boer” at my farm, because I want to show how we farmers ” Shoot the Baboon” here on my farm.

13 March 2012


The stink of black pig must have been disgusting in this room with all these baboons. Must have smelt like Soweto.

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