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Julius Malema expulsion: Your thoughts

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The ANC announced the appeals decision to expel embattled Julius Malema from the ANC and to vacate his position as ANC Youth League president. According to the ruling party’s national disciplinary committee, headed by Derek Hanekom, the committee said Malema had shown no remorse in his conduct and that he had continued to defy the organization.
We find what South Africans feel about the development

1 March 2012

Juli-aas Malema

EISH !!!! All these bludy white agunts want to donder me. I are scared of thad white boers, they going to giv me thad sjambok. Evin if i am a fat monkie, I refuse, i will hide in the trees.

1 March 2012


I personally will only be happy when I see this floppy in prison.

1 March 2012


Old chimpanzee-lips Malema thought he was too “kleva”. But we gave him a good hiding.

1 March 2012


This flat-nose saw his gat properly. Let this be a lesson to every other flat-nose in this country, we whites are in charge here.

4 March 2012


The tribe has spoken………voetsek now monkey!

4 March 2012


Malema can’t go farming . If some boer sees Malema in the veld there, the farmer will shoot Malema dead, because he’ll think Malema is a baboon, busy stealing his mielies.

4 March 2012


Huuaaauw. My head hurts. I’m too afraid. Just now these whites are going to bliksem me. I’m going to wet my pants, becoz I’m a small k@ffir. I’m just a little monkey.

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