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Zuma on ANCYL: We all come and go

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President Jacob Zuma addressed members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa regarding the ANC’s centenary celebrations, elaborating on the roll of the youth and their importance moving forward saying: “We all come and go. I was once a youth by the way.”

He stressed that the youth who are members of NUMSA should also be members of the ANC so that they can be part of the political machine.

23 February 2012

Logical chaos

Agreed 120%!

23 February 2012


Malema is chimpanzee what make noise

24 February 2012


Why is the prosecution of malema taking so long.? We want that houdkop in prison.

25 February 2012


A writer known to be Mark Twain once said “don’t let ur schooling interfere with ur education”.By the way truth shall set us free.One should not underestimate the pivotal role played by Anc veterens.Anc was of negotiation and integrity but now is a bumping bin of corruption and nepotism.ZUma and Mantashe failed to play their political parental role to the youth league.Instead, they push to get rid of Youth league executive to secure their political careers.The truth of the matter and the meaning of reality should not be compromise to ness someone’s emotion.Zuma and Mantashe should shallow their pride and try to negotiate rather than fighting the youth.Let me remind them(ZUMA AND MANTASHE) that they should remember that the youth are the future of the state,therefore let their long term goal be heard and emplimented.

25 February 2012

For Sure

You must remember that the youth are the monkeys of the state. We will beat those monkeys if they don’t behave.

9 March 2012

Juju 100%

Juju my president!!!!1000% with u.

9 March 2012


Malema is a small monkey. Small monkeys make us laugh.

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