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Young Nucho: I am not Lil Wayne

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An emotional and heartbroken Young Nucho took to the studio in the early hours of Sunday to record a new song called I’m Not Wayne, addressing rumours of his ordeal with his idol, US rapper Lil Wayne’s entourage. Here he talks about the song and his admiration for Lil Wayne. Click here to read more.

15 December 2011


you know what i am saying..

16 December 2011


I have no idea what he just said so no I don’t know what you’re saying. LOL such a wannabe American

20 December 2011


Well, I don’t think young nucho is a “wannabe” lil wayne. I believe that young nucho isn’t trying to be an imitation of lil wayne. Many people has look-alikes and sometimes they do act the same like you. I know this because I have a look-alike too. And were not even related.

21 December 2011


Ughhh.. he sounds pathetic…

29 December 2011


WTF, the game is just full of wack a$$ cats and that includes both these wankers, LOL

4 January 2012


i am not wayne, i am not wayne………………duh lol

10 January 2012


Young Nucho, honestly you are lame, you’re a fake, a copy cat a loooozer…

24 April 2013

Mel Man

What a ******!

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