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ANCYL march for economic freedom heads to JSE

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The ANC Youth League’s march for economic freedom, which will culminate in the handing over of a memorandum to the presidency on Friday, is underway.

Just over 5 000 supporters, who have gathered from all over the country to support this action made their way to the Johannesburg Stock exchange in Sandton, where ANCYL representatives were expected to hand over a memorandum. The youth league have advised that details of the memorandums will be made public, once they have been handed to the respective institutions.

Over a thousand JMPD and SAPS staff have been monitoring the march and so far there have been no incidents . From Sandton the mass action supporter will make their way to Pretoria where an overnight vigil will be held at the Caledonian Stadium. A representative of government is expected to take receipt of a memorandum at Union Buildings on Friday morning.

27 October 2011


Xoi-san are actually the indigenous people of Southern Africa. We are all “foreigners”, including you Julius

27 October 2011


How are these monkeys going to swing from jnb to pta.?

28 October 2011


PAUL – now is time you pay back what you took away from us the “Monkeys”.

28 October 2011

economic freedom

the most stupid thought in your mind is that you r trying to figure out what real people have already planned for,, which makes you a true baboon, who does not have the brains of a human being,, idiot.. Nyemianu….

28 October 2011

economic freedom

this is addressed to you Paul… amtshimmba amianu.

28 October 2011

EKWEALOR, Chinedu Thomas

The agents of capitalism are traumatised! because capitalism is failing in all parts of the world even in its home ground the United States of America. The “message” of Political Deprivation and Economic Marginalisation of the South African Population being perpetuated by the few hands who maintained a strangle-hold on the South African Economy is made clearer through the League March. The ANC youth League has indeed demonstrated that they are aware that South Africa is richly blessed by God in terms of Mineral and Human Resources yet the most unequal society, not in Africa but in the world due to capitalists agents who process economic deprivations.

France, Britain and the United States of America (Capitalists) states have collaborated in many fronts to enforce capitalism, through propaganda and assassinations whenever they deemed fit. When they wanted the natural endowment of Iraq, they killed Saddam, Now the whole Europe is sinking to wretchedness as in Greece, Spain and Italy is following suit. France fand Britain feared lives without pizzas and killed Gadaffi to change the regime and to collect the handle to mineral control in Libya. We will see whether the assassination helps!

They preach the same old -tired-cliche of scaring away foreign investors in South Africa if mines are nationalised? Do you not ask yourself questions! They are around and you are the most impoverished in the world? they are around and you hardly have any meal in a day? What is your fear? do you think that you have anything to protect? The answer is certainly NO because you have no-thing,everything of yours is in their hand!

It is in the best interest of South Africa to pay attention to the cries of these papuers who put their lives on the road, marching from Johanesburg to Pretoria begging of you in these words “Please share with us”. Why is it that when the governemnt of Greece failed to cope with the demands of unproductive Psyco-capitalism arrangement, the emphasis on BBC and CNN was never on investors confidence? Wall-street has stolen from the Main Street in 2008 on accounts of Bail-out. On October 24, 2011. Wall street fraught with protestors, Tear-gas and Water canons, just in defence of a failed capitalism?

One universal truth is that anyone feels pain. The pain neccessitated by hunger in South Africa can transcend beyond peaceful march to violent attack on the people perceived as depriving the poor! Please go straight and nationalise, if it does not work, we will develop another modality to attend to the call of our people.

28 October 2011


Thank you very much Chinedu, Paul, You better learn to bend like the DA otherwise you will die of hunger. You shameless thiefs!

28 October 2011


When somebody do something about poverty in south africa,that person would be likened to one eye man in the land of the blind.to atleast do something as mandela once said,it is better for (the media) to get it wrong rather than for it to hide forever.let malema throw a stone maybe it hit the animal

28 October 2011


Malema is one fat chimp !!!!!
He looks like a round barrel of baboon.

29 October 2011


Africa had no borders, people were free to move. jut to remind u

29 October 2011


it is not us who chose to be with u, u chose to be with us. as we are peaceful creatures, inherit it

29 October 2011


We never took anything from you, because you never had anything to start with. You monkeys were swinging in the trees when we got here.

29 October 2011

K Marx

I’d be with you if you could tell me how this march, which is intended as a show of strength by a capitalist tenderpreneur who lives in Sandton, and is building himself a palace, will help the cause of the most downtrodden.

29 October 2011


Malema has a disease. It’s not mad cow disease. It is a severe case of fat monkey syndrome.

30 October 2011

Ekwealor, Chinedu Thomas

Hello K Marx,

Please note that neither the objective nor the aim of the League March is a show of livestyle in Sandton. The Aim and Objectives are on the “NATIONALISATION OF THE MINES”. That some members of the marchers live in Sandton helplessly begs the question as such could the form the bases of our discussion. Accounts available on the World scene have hugely suggested that capitalism has failed! For example Wall street 2008, Greece 2011, Spain 2011, Wall Street 2011 and moreI I am aware that the concentration of the state’s wealth on the hands of few individuals who lorded themselves over the state is capitalism and it processes both economic marginalisation and deprivation. So, when the mines are nationalised, the field that lays in the hands of the few will be availed to many and through the same, majority of the population will benefit from the state resources notably the mines.

30 October 2011


I say we must just donder all these monkeys, because they black stupid f*cks.

31 October 2011


The noose is closing around malema. Soon that chimpanzee will be arrested for money laundering and corruption.

2 November 2011


Finally we will be able to put that black baboon in jail! !!!!

2 November 2011


We don’t speak monkey here. You must make chimpanzee noises in the trees.!!!!!!!!

17 November 2011


So this march achieved absolutely nothing. Nobody even noticed.

21 November 2011


The blacks must march in soweto. We don’t want blacks here on our roads. They must voetsek.

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