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Madiba grandchildren create own reality show

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Raised in the USA whilst in exile, Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway, Swati Dlamini and Dorothy Adjoa Amuah have returned home and joined forces to create a reality show, which will give you a glimpse into the worlds of a regular South African family. They will be sharing their daily lives, conflicts and personal aspirations, which considering their heritage, will have very little to do with their Mandela namesake.

2 October 2011


Who cares? Thanks, but no thanks – that is one show I will gladly miss.

3 October 2011


What a shame!
But what else can we expect from all this nobodies who happen to have famous name.
I’m actually supprised that Mma Winnie hasn’t already let the cameras roll in her house, since she always complains about money.
Knowing the size of Mendela clan we can expect many more of them selling themselves and family name on any kind of Mendela related auction.
But then this is Africa. Money is more sacred then any hero.

5 October 2011


how clued up are these sisters about what’s happening in south africa if they have never spend more than a year this side…like honestly???

15 October 2011


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