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ANC Disciplinary Action against Malema not intimidated by protest action

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ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe has expressed his disappointment at behavior shown by Julius Malema’s supporters.  Protesters have burned clothing that featured the face and name of President Jacob Zuma in the streets around Luthuli House.

30 August 2011

nqobile Dlamini

Its disgusting how South African politicians have become so Barbaric. These people should be a goo example to the public @ Large not a FAN club for a. Certain group. Im really disappointed

30 August 2011


We wl nt stop protestin until thy let MALEMA out, if its war, let it begin. Viva Malema viva. malema is real an AK47

31 August 2011


I want what Buthelezi is say about the Mantashe’s comments

1 September 2011


I do not believe that this particular incident justify hurting inocent members of public to proof a point. Barbarick is all that I can say. Barbarick

10 September 2011


The ANC better deal with their baby chimpanzee, or we will.

14 September 2011


Zuma doesn’t have the guts to deal with this malema. He is weak and useless.

15 September 2011


Zuma has 2 shrivelled grapes as balls.

19 September 2011


They must slag this k*ffir.

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