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Malema calls for calm ahead of disciplinary hearing

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ANC Youth League president Julius Malema called for calm and restraint, at a press briefing which was called ahead of disciplinary action, being taken against him this week.  He specifically requested that his genuine supporters steer clear of provocateurs who may cause disruption during the proceedings.

30 August 2011

Snickering Dude on the moon with a rather large telescope.

Christ no need to be rude. He’s an shazz not a black shazz you nefarious fiend.

30 August 2011


Malema must be moved out of the ANC youth league he has caused enough damage .

30 August 2011


Eric my friend why would you say “this black” instead of Malema i also don’t like the guy but pleas I am also black my man and pleas just be civilised on your next comments dud I am not saying this to provoke you but to correct you *** a brother from another mother peace.

30 August 2011


That should be a call of a leader and well Juju for showing your seniors what the leader should in the situation like this. Zuma was laughing when Mbeki’s t-shirts were burnt by his supporters, not they are talking discipline, which discipline? do they know discipline. The current leadership of the ANC was elected through violence and ill-discipline even from older people, just refer to the tapes and pictures of Polokwana, to see yourself. Zuma himself was saying young people have issues and they say things that elders are not feeling comfortable to hear, what change now? The same Malema who put Zuma to Union Building is still the same he never changed. But Zuma because he is lacking leadership and principles now he changed. If Zuma was the true leader, he should never allow people to use violence on his name, exactly what malema is doing now by calling the supporters to be calm, but you must know that these are young people, anything can happen because they as Zuma said still have issues. You don’t run a country by singing Mshini wam. What happened to Lekota when he asked Zuma to stop the song as it is not necessary/relevant during this time, he was called names by Zuma,Vavi’s, Nzimandes. Do they honest now when they talk about disciple, where is this disciple because they don’t have themselves.

30 August 2011


I have been working with youth for about 15 years now and I am disguisted for whats happening in our country at the moment , our leaders have lost sight of the ultimate goal, I dnt speak for zuma or malema because both I know and have researched and studied but Im disguisted by their behaviours and methods of doing things, I believe we do not need another political solution but we need a humanistic solution because at the end of the the day this battle will affect the people and specificly young people on the ground more . Have we forgot what we fought for ,where we come from as a nation , have we forgot our patriotism our pride to our country, I believe individual introspection shud be done because at this moment its a *** for tat game and this game always ends up nasty!

30 August 2011

Khomotjo manthata

Julius we are really tired of your tentrums..

30 August 2011


plz people lets us respect our selves, what happened today at Luthuli House it is such a bad thing. am also youth member but this was ubukhotheni, you implied yourselves in public that how you stupid you are, nisibulisa nabantu bezizwe, Malema you should mind your word, labantu babukela kuwe, Zuma is not a child, umtomdala lowaya, therefore, before you say anything cabanga umdala manje. u are a mentor in growing leadership and this is what am expecting to c in future. Isikole sibaluleke lana ke manje. am very angry and disappointed by our very old stupid brothers

30 August 2011


Malema rocks n no one cn put a good man down.

31 August 2011


malema what you are doing is right and we as youth of this country we will give you support you need

31 August 2011


There’s not one place in south africa that malema can go to. He is hated everywhere in the country by 99% of the population. I wouldnt be surprised if he doesn’t live very long.

31 August 2011


those who are againstn upon our president(malema) they are commiting political society,malema will remain constant until proven guilty

31 August 2011


Hopefully some boer will tie this malema to his bakkie, and drag that monkey till its dead.

31 August 2011


An injury to one is an injury to all, ANC must unit the our people for the economic freedom.

31 August 2011


Viva Julius Malema Viva!!!! There is only one thing I like about Julius he sticks to his words,he knows his strory, so you can call him all sorts of names but we love him!

31 August 2011


I would like to see this black monkey on fire. I’ll watch that black sh/t slowly burn.

7 September 2011

Modau L

Dear Gerald

Bear in mind that Malema is our leader and is a human being like you and above all ,,,,,we are sons and daughters of African soil,,,,,,,,,and you must be clearly understood gerald

8 September 2011


Bear in mind your leaders are baboons .

16 September 2011


This site is not for chimpanzees that can’t spell (that’s you). And we going to give that malema chimpanzee a beating.

27 September 2011


it a pity that the puplic does not see that ,and will never see that. intellectual language and public language are vastly different languages, the intellectual do not understand that and hence they have no influeance they want to remain intellectuals in the public space and speak facts, whereas the puplic is not interested in facts, they are interested in perceptions, and perceptions may not considered what has happened in the past, it not like maths 1+1 may not =2. is you can influence perceptions than you are wise, if you cant then hard luck, you will be defeated and your inteligencia is worthless. Malema may be off hook,not becouse he not guilty , but becouse it may be perceived that charging him may divide the ANC. and now who is guilty of dividing the ANC, Zuma or Malema, it Zuma why? Zuma is Old and Malema is Young.

25 October 2011


This monkey must be hanged.

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