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Zimbabwe torture documentary: The Axe and the Tree Pt.3

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The Axe and the Tree: Zimbabwe’s Legacy of Political Violence focuses on the experiences of four individuals living in settlements around Harare during the electoral violence of 2008. Those featured in the documentary participated of their own free will and are aware of the repercussions that they could face due to their involvement. The International Center for Transitional Justice believe that this documentary will force the world to sit up and pay attention to the forgotten stories of the Zimbabwean people.

11 August 2011

Tafadzwa Muzondo

I would like to know how to get copies of the documentary series as I could not have any joy downloading online. I am currently working on a theatre production entitled No Voice No Choice which is aimed at:
• Instigate the participation of all Zimbabweans, especially the young electorate, in the peaceful transformation and transition of Zimbabwe to a full scale democracy without fear of victimization, brutalization or criminalization.
• Encourage or stimulating truth telling on political violence from both a victim and perpetrator points of view thereby promote a culture of non-violence and tolerance in our politics.

I have been involved in a lot of theatre outreach dealing with transitional justice, peace building and good governance in general and would benefit a lot from viewing your documentaries. If I could also be on your mailing list, that would be wonderful


Tafadzwa Muzondo

11 August 2011


May the burn in hell, when mugabe falles he and his scum will answer to their crimes

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