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ANCYL stands-by Julius Malema

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The ANCYL has come out in support of its leader president Julius Malema.  This comes after a Sunday newspaper reported on allegations that Malema was the only trustee of a secret family trust fund.  He is accused of using the fund to finance his lifestyle.

26 July 2011


Terry, you have a serious problem, you not solving any problem using that word cos those so called chimpanzees are here to stay and to rule, so you just have to get used to it, they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

26 July 2011


Terry and Dondo you are 2 ignorant mongrols. and you become surprised when Julius sings ‘Shoot the Boer’… you are ignorant and in a state of oblivion…

26 July 2011

Malema Phobia

let Malema live his life let him enjoy da fruits of his labour while still alive.

26 July 2011


julius will never go 2 jail cos te trust is not secret, that’s why it used to build a church in seshego.he i under attack bcos of 2012 project, expropriation of land without compensation & nationalization of mines.he is 4ever our voice we te voice less.

26 July 2011


Malema ‘MUST” let the investigators do their jobs, if he’s no guilty he won’t have a problem , but if he is guilty then it’s where the problem stats cos it’s the states money they are chawing….

26 July 2011


I don’t give a ‘DAMN’ we are tired of people chawing tax payers money….black of white or blue I don’t care….

28 July 2011


one does not need an education to succeed in life BUT common sense is a prerequisite! we are tired of you Julius!!

28 July 2011


We should beat this little malema chimpanzee with a hosepipe

28 July 2011

Billy Bid4Me Auction Services

Why do we allways have to name call, if he is guilty he will get whats coming to him… This is the law of the universe and isnt about balck or white. You reap what you sow JuJu.

28 July 2011


Next step is to confiscate his house and car. And then jail the monkey for tax fraud.

29 July 2011

mr monate

hands off malema

31 July 2011


Malema calls his black friends baboons, but he himself is a baboon !

24 August 2011


It’s time all these useless ancyl chimpanzees went back to the bush. We will chase them back up into the trees.

27 August 2011


Chimpanzees couldn’t rule a paper bag. They stupid.

12 October 2011


Maybe this bobbejaan should work at the petrol station, where he can blow up truck tyres with those fat lips of his. Bloody ugly houdkop.

20 October 2011


Now this k/ffir malema is insulting Indians. The Indians must get this monkey and beat it so it squeals like a black pig!!!!!

27 November 2011


Jail for this baboon ! We won’t rest until this malema monkey is in a cage.

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