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I am not building a R16 million house: Julius Malema

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ANCYL president Julius Malema has refuted claims that he is building a R16 million house in Sandton, Johannesburg.  He said even if he were, he wouldn’t have told the media.  Malema was responding to media reports that were alleging that he was building the house.

21 July 2011


from your mother!!

21 July 2011


Malema, you can buy or build billions of houses…it’s your money. Who is questioning the owners of Camps Bay houses where they are getting their money? Directors of these companies we work for in Cape Town pay themselves huge bonuses, who is questioning them? If you compare salaries of white employees (with no experience and qualifications) doing the same job as blacks (with qualifications and experience), you will found that whites are paid better salaries compared to black employees. They get promotions quicker than black employees. If you want proof, go to City of Cape Town Municipality.

21 July 2011

white hater

From your big mouth mother, if u hav one

21 July 2011

Xolani Kubheka

a house is a good investment Malema build one for yourself

22 July 2011


Yes, good tax free investment.
We thank every south african for their contributions. You go Juju…no one can toutch you – the whites are spinless :D

26 July 2011

malema john

I do not agree with malema’s work or actions , but I think the media is
On him for other hiden agenda , and he is not the only one we should do
A back ground check , all if not same at camps bay are also invoved in dirty deal .
That’s all I have to say

26 July 2011


I laughed like crazy when I saw the “Dumb and Dumber” hack on the ancyl website of those 2 baboons zuma and malema. Very funny, well done to whoever did it.!!

27 July 2011


Malema doesn’t need a house, he just needs a tree to swing in!

27 July 2011


All you whites wot coming with thad WHITE tendensie, you cant call MONKEY to me !! Bloody agents !!! I weel toi-toi !!

28 July 2011


16 million will buy a big tree ! Suppose the tree must be big enough for his chimpanzee friends.

29 July 2011


malema is doing great to all those who hate us bkacks must remember that south africa belong to us. We blacks rob the richer and feed ourselfs in years to come all white will suffer like blacks. what comes around goes around hates.

31 July 2011


If anyone deposits money in my account, I want that baboon to come explain itself to me immediately! I will not tolerate any baboon putting funds in my account, dammit ! Bloody agents!

1 August 2011


You’ve just admitted guilt to the crime of theft or armed robbery. The sentence for this crime is 10 to 20 years of imprisonment. Alternatively, if you try to rob me, the penalty for that will be death for you when I protect life and property by deadly force. So it’s either prison or death for you, monkey.

8 August 2011


I hear you are speaking your minds, for all i know you can judge people from what they say; thats how you see if one is smart or not.
1.whites are calling blacks ( black monkies, where does all other colours go…yellow,red,green,PINK, wit(white) monkies, i believe they are also there somewhere in boksburg, brits,ventersdorp even in PTA-NORTH and in warmbarth(bela-bela)etc.
2.blacks and whites, we need each other believe it or not, if not you are a foolish fool.
3.it is understandably painful to see your garden boy`s or tea girl`s child driving big cars or living in a state of art house that you and your ancesters could ever dream or dreamed of, but dont worry you`ll get used to it.
4.south africa, media is only there to make us but mostly brake us, so be careful. they are just desperate for our money so they can survive.
5.lastly, use your strength and money to enrich yourself and others, Becouse at the end of our days we`ll all be fucked either by AIDS,CANCER,ACCIDENT or ALL OTHER ****……….

11 August 2011


remove the boers out of the country if they dont wana nationalise their wealth of our country

12 August 2011


dom Ka!#rs

13 August 2011


You black baboons are too stupid

14 August 2011


Blacks must live in the trees, not houses. Because they monkey.

21 August 2011


Reading all the comments: Is this the country that Madiba worked so hard and suffered for?

21 August 2011


Ja, its like a malema.

23 August 2011


To afford a 16mill house boded, you need to make +R150,000.00 Per month.

Never mind the fact he already has 2 other houses, never mind the fact that
SARS puts his salary at R25,000.00 per month.

Its simple maths he can’t afford this house. Even if he was to buy this house
out right, excuse me I’d say that less than 99% of South African’s have that
kind of cash lying around to spend on a single house.

To be able to afford this house you need to be the CEO of a corporate cc.
Turning over millions of Rand every year.

If Julius is making figures to afford this house, why does he not correctly
declare his finances with SARS? So lets be honest Julius can’t afford this
house, simplz!

27 August 2011

franki stephens


I believe your comments are both inaccurate and unfair.
No one would question Malema about his intentions to build a 16million rand house if the sources of his incomes were to be revealed. If Malema is releasing tenders to companies that he is directly profiting form, then yes, the media and the public have every right to question him. This is not a question of racism and quite frankly your arguments are old, used up and incredibly tiring. If we as a country, a nation, want to build a fluid society then there has to be transparency within government. When a member of society takes on a public role, he is an ambassador for South Africa and a is meant to be a role model to others. If Malema is engaging in corruption, then everyone has a right to know and he is infringing on his duty to the nation.

so no, it is not his money. I would strongly recommend refraining from blindly following leader based on his complexion and do some research.

27 August 2011

franki stephens

May I also add though that some of the previous comments, who were posted by presumably white people, are absolutely disgusting.
Evidently there is racism on both behalf’s but may I just say to those atrocious comments about ‘monkeys’ and ‘baboons’ are counter-productive. Logically if there is comment, like Zikhali’s one about white people, then one would not respond with more racism as it appears to ADD and CONFIRM those stereotypes.

Think people.
Why praise Mandela if absolutely no-one practices his principles of reconciliation?
Change in society begins with frame-of-mind and the individual.

29 August 2011


We going to put this malema monkey in the zoo, where we can watch him swing in the trees.

30 August 2011


It’s long overdue someone put this chimpanzee malema in his place. My old dog has more brains than that chimp.

31 August 2011


I am so dissappointed to read some of the comments that are written on this wall, calling a section of people baboons/monkey shows lack of foresight. If you think better than Malema “you should” have commented something constructive. I’m not asking for your response keep it to yourself for fuure use..Thx

6 September 2011


You have guts to say such things on a public platform Evans….
Its people like you that are pulling South Africa backwards, and its people like you that makes us not to even try and trust the majority of White people…

8 September 2011


The whites built up everything, while the houdkoppe are busy detroying everything. It’s the black that’s taking this country to a banana republic.

8 September 2011


all i see here is racial comments!!! i dont think i will engage with your type of people!!!

8 September 2011


people can realy display their stupidity…… evans,cathy,neville,barry,doos,harry, peter and other stupits i hope and wish you are all 15yrs olds, because what you are saying cannot come from a 16yrs old…. if you are older just know that you are a disgrace to your race… i hope your children dont inherit your racial attitudes…..

8 September 2011


your stupidity…is it by choice or something that you had no control over?? just curious!!!!

8 September 2011


how old are you neville????

8 September 2011


Voetsek! Go climb back in your tree.

10 September 2011


Interpol is going to issue an arrest warrant for Malema. Then they will drag that baboon to the ICC in the Hague.

16 September 2011


My friends tell me if they see this k#ffir malema, they going to shoot it dead. I think its a good plan

28 October 2011


This black baboon must be stealing this money somewhere, because this monkey doesn’t have 2 brain cells to make this money legitimately. It’s a small monkey, and it’s stupid.

31 October 2011


I is fat and I are monkey. But I don’t care, bcos I is black. And I is stoopid.

13 November 2011


My sjambok is ready for malema. I’m going to teach it.

13 December 2011


At the end of the day, there’s only 1 way to deal with these black savages. The black only understands 1 language, and that’s a good beating with the sjambok. They just apes.

14 January 2012


You can do whatever you want to do. People stop complain about Juju.

14 January 2012

Ntongana Pamella

Fred what do you mean about blacks.Please stop saying a bitter words.

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