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ANCYL is not fighting with president Jacob Zuma: Julius Malema

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ANCYL president Julius Malema declined that there were any problems between the youth league and the president Jacob Zuma.  Speaking to journalists in Johannesburg, Malema said there were people who wanted to discredit the youth league to the president.

9 June 2011


Comrades none of us are bigger than the ANC, only ANC branches will decide what happens to JZ, his performance will be reviewd by branches – where power lies. Juju returns next week, Maile is having political wet dreams.
was tsena Malema wa tsena
wa tsenwa Maile wa tsenwa
wa penga Maile wa penga
Viva Juju Malema.

10 June 2011


Viva comrade Julius Malema Viva,Yesterday i was with supporters of Maile,They said their funders who are ANC Stelwards in top strategic leadership positions told them that they cant win the conference the only way is to disrupt and they will elect the interim then Maile could emerge,so comrades lets go there and protect the league and not allow bakgalabje ba tedu tse ditshweu ba tle ba re senyetse,we know them, but please let the league bring tight security.

10 June 2011

africa my land

Don=land criminal

10 June 2011


Malema does not think before he speak! what ever comes to his head , he speaks it ! is he the type of a leader we want as the youth of south africa….. joo .. o batla eng ….! he said mbeki is not a good leader,know mbeki was a good president he is highly educated…i m consufed , o shapo mara ka motlhogo!

12 June 2011


Who cares? They both baboons.

16 June 2011


Has this Malema monkey paid the R50 000 fine he was ordered to do by the Equality Court?

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