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Zimbabwe torture documentary: The Axe and the Tree

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Most viewed video story yesterday.

The Axe and the Tree: Zimbabwe’s Legacy of Political Violence focuses on the experiences of four individuals living in settlements around Harare during the electoral violence of 2008.  Those featured in the documentary participated of their own free will and are aware of the repercussions that they could face due to their involvement.  The International Center for Transitional Justice believe that this documentary will force the world to sit up and pay attention to the forgotten stories of the Zimbabwean people.

25 May 2011


Its not new to us Ndebeles its now happening to you Shonas,is it good?????

27 May 2011



27 May 2011

Doris Bloggs

The more publicity that is given to the atrocities which are happening as I write, in Zimbabwe, the better. Maybe nothing will be done about it immediately, but we HAVE to try to leave a legacy of peace and democracy for our children and grandchildren. Some young people have never, ever known peace in Zimbabwe. This is not acceptable. SADC has now prevented the people of Zimbabwe, both black and white, of being able to challenge the legitimacy of some decisions that the ZANUPF government have made which is against the constitution of Zimbabwe. THIS IS ALSO NOT ACCEPTABLE. Do we now have to approach the EU and The Hague for protection?
Well done to anyone who takes up the challenge and makes documentaries like this. We salute you.

28 May 2011


This has been going on for more than forty years, communist inspired tactics of terrorism, traumatising and murdering innocent people, what is the world doing about these poor defenceless people who only need to live in peace and have a decent roof over their heads, a good job, and proper world wide approved education, proper justice and decent health services.??
It is a complete travesty of justice, and despicable human tragedy, that this has been allowed to continue.

28 May 2011


I demand that Mugabe and his inner circle of cronies be brought to the Hague to answer for these heinous crimes that they instigate, perpetuate, and encourage on a daily basis. Why is there such a deafening silence on this, as there was similarly when the Rhodesians both black and white were fighting this terrible evil force of communist domination, marxist maoist ideology, that has wiped at least six million people off the general census in that Godforsaken country??? I absolutely despair at the pure satanistic motivation of these thugs and gangsters that reign supreme in a once peaceful, orderly and thriving part of Africa.

29 May 2011


Nothing will be done about it as the SA government is in business with Mugabe and his wife, got mining deals going with them!! Some of my clients who do business in Zim has brought this to my attention. I feel for those people as the world watches and does nothing. The USA will also be mum on it as they have nothing to gain from Zim.

30 May 2011



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