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Zuma dances over election victory

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Scores of ANC supporters swarmed Luthuli House, the African National Congress’ headquarters in Johannesburg to celebrate the party’s showing in the local government elections. Speaking to the highly ecstatic crowd, ANC president Jacob Zuma said thanked party leaders as well as the volunteers for an election victory he described overwhelming.

22 May 2011


And this is the supposed “president” of the ANC? Dancing around like a drunk baboon? Only in Africa.

22 May 2011


JZ has no morals and does not conduct himself with the dignity deserving for a president of the country, he is simply disappointing in every sphere as as far as dignified behaviour is concerned I hop they tople him in the 2012 anc elective congress. Sies.

22 May 2011


Does dancing and being cheerful mean that one is a baboon or idiot? none of you crticised Zille when she was out dancing for votes now did you? bunch of uncultured hypocrites is what you all are, at the end of the day he is human and is entitled to show his happiness in whatever manner he sees fit. unless he is supposed to be a robot which has no emotion like our “friends in BLUE”.

22 May 2011


Who said that fat black thing is human? Obviously you not comprehending. Why am I not surprised.

23 May 2011


Well our president has a style and swagger…After all he is an emaculate dancer and gotta the rythm so big up Msholozi & be who u r no need to pretend…This is not Britain it is SA and the sooner u get that the better we have our own style of celebrating which is in dancing!!!

23 May 2011


Monkey style?

24 May 2011


ja we deserve better than this-thats for sho

25 May 2011


Whats wrong with dancing. Like it or not He is our president. Peter ur nt happy with been an African, Leave us with pleasure. We gonna dance more for you hypocrite. Refer Zille dance as a baboon,

26 May 2011


Zille was dancing FOR the monkeys in the crowd, whereas Zuma dances like that because he IS a monkey. Get it ?!

26 May 2011


A monkey is that what you find between your mothers thighs you filthy green-eyed pigs, Houd kops!!!

26 May 2011


When I crack my sjambok, you must dance monkey (zuma)

17 July 2011


Obviously this zuma baboon has no idea he is the joke of the world. We laugh at that monkey.

12 August 2011


In the rest of the world, you have presidents that lead their countries. Here in SA we have a dancing baboon !

28 April 2012

South Africa


We are very, very proud of you Outa, for interdicting this baboon government from robbing us citizens with this e-toll scam. It’s high time we taught these dumb baboons in government, especially this dancing baboon Zuma, that us citizens will not take this sh*t anymore !!!!!

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