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Elections: What voting means for Alexandra residents

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Alexandra township in the north of Johannesburg has seen droves of voters making their way to the various polling stations scattered around the township with many hoping their vote will give them a voice as well as a real chance at an improved life.

20 May 2011


Mr Vavi did mention that ANC must pull up their socks otherwise Zille will be the next president
that is true, like it or not she will be. Guys oppresion killed your minds/brains you cant even think. It is a very good lesson for Zuma’s to get a wake up call, People are tired of your storries first -attend leadership classes/Public Administration,2nd diliver 3rdly co operate with your people/followers and eat money on better things not parties and clothes you’ll die poor.
I will die for ANC i will never COPE/DA because im stable i know where i come from but guys i think you forgot Zizi Kodwa where you come from you were so poor but now you are brainwashed .
Please vukani DA must forget i was canvassing wearing DA T-Shirt but i will never vote for white they must just forget

21 May 2011

baby lush

thats true noxy

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