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Julius Malema blames individuals for open toilets but not the ANC

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ANCYL President Julius Malema has blamed individuals but not the ANC regarding the open-air- toilets in Vieljoonskroon in the Free State.  The municipality is ANC- run.  He was addressing the crowd after he visited the area with open-air-toilets.

11 May 2011

Jonas Barbarossa

How does one explain this to someone who is intellectually challenged? Yes, Julias. It is true: this dilemma was caused by individuals and not the ANC. To be more accurate: individuals within the ANC. These deployed cadres are part of the problem because they do not have the necessary skills. Okay? Do you understand it now? The DA’s actions with regard to the ‘toilet saga’ in the Cape is equally deplorable – even more because they contested their (lack of) morality in court. However, the ANC is the one with egg on its face…
I hope that you are now clear on this one.

11 May 2011

Billy Bid4Me Auction Services

I’m sorry but are these people not representatives of the ANC??? Stop making excuses and close the toilets for the people both ANC and the DA!!!

11 May 2011


I LOVE it.Idiot Malema,they are not individuals,they are fully fledge ANC Members appointed by the ANC Bosses as they are personal friends of the Gravy Train Passengers,just like you.
Not egg in the FACE,but a DOZEN OSTRICH EGGS in the face of the ANC-ANCER.
VOTE ANC AND KEEP THE MASSES IN POVERTY and the GRAVY train Passengers in Mighty Gold Watches,4X4`s and house in Houghton and dont forget those TENDERS.

11 May 2011

africa my land

Atleast we take resposibility for our mistake and we are fixing it as from today unlike some white party only who waited for the court rulings and dont even fix it after that, we cant have a DA tendency in our ANC , we cant implement apartheid policies to our people someone must be fired for this.

11 May 2011


You only took responsibility cause you were caught out! You are so brainwashed! The DA is not a WHITE party? So is the is the A.N.C a black party? I think you would be offending your white,Indian and coloured members, go get some political education and start realizing that that political parties are not based on race anymore, but real human needs, or in your case the lack of delivering any of the needs of the people in your precious A.N.C .
Why I voted for the A.N.C in the past was also based on “A better life for ALL!” , look what has happened, look what you have done to a ounce respected organisation, all those fallen comrades would be so ashamed to see what they died for!
Shame on you all , be warned though, change is coming, believe me, sooner than you think.

11 May 2011

David Tait

How come the demolishment troops are missing? Julius you are slipping up. You first need to destroy those toilets like your gangs did in the Cape. Then it needs to go to court to stop the nonsense then get the court to force you to build new enclosed ones. How come you can be so active in fixing the ones in the Free State that have been like that for many years yet the Cape ones that had corrugated iron ones were demolished as unacceptable. Perhaps you need to do a bit of history research. As a young white boy, the son of a qualified engineer, our toilet was a hole in a plank inside a tin enclosure with a bucket underneath. What’s more, in th 40’s a father had to pay a firm of lawyers to take his son on as a clerk. The law firm would only start paying the youngster once he became useful to the firm. We have forgotten how people get jobs. They start on low salaries because they have no “hands on skills”. You do not learn to ride a bike in a classroom. You learn by getting on the bike. At first you fall off, tear your clothes, damage the bike and graze your knees and elbows. Not until you learn to ride properly do you become of value to your employer delivering messages. It’s the same with everything. Trying to get employers to pay good salaries to start keeps the poor poor. We need to catch a wake up.

16 May 2011


So when this occurs in white DA territory, then its the “racist whites” at fault. But when this occurs in monkey ANC areas, then its somebody else’s fault, not the ANC monkeys.!!! Carry in monkeys, you fooling nobody but yourself.

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