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Stopping corruption is in your hands

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“You Can Stop Corruption” reads the inside of the information pack that the Parkview Policing Forum plan to distribute to thousands of houses in the Johannesburg area. Having witnessed and got reports of corrupt cops pulling over unsuspecting motorists to illicit bribes, the Community Forum has put in the packs a number of items which people can use to avoid being victims of corruption.

22 April 2011

ParkView Popo

Ummm which genius thought this campaign up? Dear Parkview CPF you do realise you are encouraging residents to commit an offence in term of the National Road Traffic Act and attendant regulations? It is prohibited to append stickers to your vehicles, obstructing vision. Technically the only legal sticker you can place on your windows is your license disc. Trust you also have a fund to pay for the fines your supporters will incur when I write them J534’s (fines).

2 May 2011

Parkview CPF

Thank you for your comment. The Parkview CPF has no intention of encouraging anyone to commit an offence.

As per the National Road Traffic Act No. 93 of 1996, Regulations 202 and 204 mandate that a driver’s view should be unobstructed. It does not dictate the placement of any stickers per se (apart from the license disc itself, which must be at the bottom left of the windscreen). The sticker in our pack is designed to be placed at the top of the driver’s side window where it cannot possibly be deemed to obstruct the driver’s view. This is also the most visible place for an approaching officer. A typical small car’s (Ford Figo) side window is approximately 19 200 cm square in area. Our sticker is approximately 64 cm square in area. It is therefore well below the one sixtieth stipulation in the 2000 amendment of Regulation 202(c). Obviously windscreens are much larger, so placement on a windscreen where it does not obstruct the driver’s vision would also not contravene the Regulations as contemplated in the Act.

Any J534s issued in terms of the above Act where the sticker is not obstructing the driver’s view would therefore be illegal. We hope that you will support this campaign rather than harass participants, as the intention is to root out corruption and therefore promote the image of the various police services.

9 June 2011

ParkView Popo

I see your 202 and raise you 204(1)(a). Which is where we were both were going re obstructed view. But point being made, pax romana it is.

28 July 2011


Why is it that police tend to react with a knee jerk? The response above is a good example. On a couple of occasions, I have corrected, in a friendly and polite manner, the procedure followed when I was stopped at road blocks or speed traps. Without fail, I was threatened with arrest, obstruction, confiscation of my property and eventually let go with a “warning” when I did not back down.

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