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Hate speech trial must not derail election campaigning: Julius Malema

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ANCYL President Julius Malema has urged ANC supporters not to be derailed by his hate speech court case and not campaign for the ANC for the upcoming local government elections.  He addressed the crowd outside the Johannesburg High court in a truck which was fitted with a big screen television, where supporters could view the trial.  Comedians also showed up to support Malema.  The trial continues.

20 April 2011


My brother, jason, that’s not the right way to call a president a monkey. I understand that you hate ANC but that guy has wives and kids just like yr dad, wat will they say if bebona this insult? GROW UP MAN

20 April 2011


Halala Jason, am sure you feeling better now that you have shown the whole world how dumb you are!

20 April 2011

Sibusiso Zonke

Holla Jason you are right when you say that these men (sorry) these boys are the monkeys becauce after the elections they will **** us and steal the money as usual. I do not say that you must vote for another party but all I say is that it’s a waste of time, my father voted in 1994 up until now but I do not see the difference.. If you have time to waste go there and vote for these boysand tell me what you have received then…..You know this is completely a waste of time.

21 April 2011


Yes, you must vote for the anc monkeys, because those monkeys (zuma,yengeni,manyi,cele) want another 4 years to steal the money !!!!

21 April 2011


I’m sorry do people actually still remember how the youth of this country fought the apartheid back then?!!If i remember correctly young kids were killed and shot,brutally tortured and while students were denied education.It was them who made us breath and stand like Africans today.It was ANC that rescued us from those monsters.. If i vote i will not vote for Zuma nor Julius but i will vote for ANC which is the party struggled to make me have a say today.

22 April 2011


The blacks will vote anc because they uneducated and stupid. Monkey will vote for monkey.

11 May 2011


Only things i like about the president of youth league ‘Julius Malema’ is all about his confidence and the attitude that he has, that is why i am going to vote for him for the second time

11 May 2011


I am Nhlanhla Eucan Maluleke from Malamulele at Ximixoni village, and i am the one of the people whose going to vote for Julius Malema for the second term.

19 September 2011

Michael Smith

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12 November 2011

Wynona Balestra

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