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COSATU to block Swazi border if demands not met

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As the ruling monarch grappled with pro-democracy demonstrations in Swaziland yesterday, hundreds COSATU and affiliated trade union members marched on the Swazi border to deliver a memorandum of demands to King Mswati.
The memorandum, which was handed over after protestors descended on the Oshoek border post, demanded that King unban political parties, return all opposition leaders in exile and allow media freedom.
If their demands were not met COSATU swore to blockade all goods going in and out of Swaziland from South Africa.

13 April 2011


Don’t these COSATU monkeys have work to do ? Let them stand there in the sun, no one cares.

13 April 2011


I think that’s a very stupid utterance by someone who is a South African. I also presume that you don’t understand the politics of this country as well as its neighbours. This is the only civil way to show solidarity to our neighbours. I think if it wasn’t for this kind of activities you should have fled the country seek asylum somewhere in Australia or Sweden. So just let alone those who participate in these activities do so at their will and time

13 April 2011


i fully support you gregory, wats up with this Craig wy dont he shut his big mouth if he does not wat to say….i think australia is a better place for him to live coz he is not an african

15 April 2011


Craig calls COSATU activists monkeys. That is a racist term that has always been used to define us black people. So we are in Solidarity with other Africans . You are stupid and naive and too shallow to understand issues of international solidarity and borotherhoo.

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