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Liquor traders up in arms over proposed liquor law

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The proposed liquor law legislation has liquor traders around Gauteng province up in arms with the local government as it plans to tighten its liquor laws.  Some of the laws include banning of trading of liquor on Sundays and 500 metre radius restriction to public places.  The South African Liquor Traders Association embarked on a protest to show their dissatisfaction with the proposed law.

12 April 2011


Honestly, it will not work. No jokes.

13 April 2011


The 500 m rule is in force in all major cities,where no selling of alcohol is allowed
within a 500m of a school,daycare or church.

Did we not hear cries from our children at a recent Education Summit of teachers sending
them to go and buy alcohol for them?

With regard Sunday ban,they only allow retailers to start selling after 1pm,premise being families will be going to church in the morning for example.

Remember in the apartheid era they did not allow liquor trading sundays or no cinema either.

1 December 2011


Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my qsueiotns…until now.

1 December 2011
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