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Wendy Machanik agents desperate to get their money

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Estate Agents who worked for one of the country’s top estate agencies, Wendy Machanik Properties, are having to do with nothing after not having being paid commission they say is worth well over a million rands. The agents are desperate for help that will get them out of the financial ruin they are facing.

8 April 2011


Absolutely appalling and I will do my best as an International author to convey this to the masses to get rid of their Standard bank accounts and go to another reputable bank. Not a slease bank like Standard. Who gives them or the curator that authority? I call this blatant immoral theft from a company that deals with public money!
What other devious and coniving methods do you have up your rotten sleeve! Sis on you Standard bank and your evil appointed curator! How can he, Wendy Machanik and you all involved in this at Standard bank sleep at night knowing these hard working agents are facing financial ruin?

Is hard earned commission not classified as wages?
So how can Standard Bank steal agents wages…….just like the saying goes – Standard Bankie, have another dagga joint! Obviously, whom ever is in charge at Standard bank is smoking some series ****!
Bully for you Standard bank………..may your clients leave you in droves!

8 April 2011


Its a shame.These Agents work hard- I know they sold my home years ago- and they don’t get their commissions. Just imagine for the next 4 months not getting your salary! Standard Bank should not be allowed to take all the money, the agents commissions should be safe, and untouchable in such circumstances. What about monies owing to sellers has this also been ceeded to Standard Bank!

11 April 2011


Standard Bank are not to blame for the debacle. the laws of this country are. you’d also have gone after your money if you were SB. how about being angry with Wendy herself? she stole the money but I bet you she’s still living in luxury? she should be rotting in jail – or at least selling a few of her luxuries to pay her agents. bet she’s still driving the convertible??

11 April 2011


Absolutely no sympathy. Estate agents and laywers are the scum of this earth. These lying, devious, thieving, dishonest cockroaches must take their own medicine. How does it feel to get f*&ked over , hey?? I’m the one laughing now.

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