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Easy pickings for old Fred the baboon

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Fred the baboon, put down by lethal injection by authorities in Cape Town for being a menace, was caught on video snatching a bag of strawberries from a parked car near Simon’s Town. He became an expert at opening car doors and robbing the bewildered occupants of tasty treats.

6 April 2011


Is this Yengeni or Malema ? I can’t be sure from this angle.

8 April 2011


It’s your mother

8 April 2011


You are all wrong. This is Zuma climbing in the car, because it states at the top of the page ” the baboon”. Malema and Yengeni are small, and so therefore they are “monkeys”.

12 April 2011


Well actually , these monkeys all look the same, so it could be any 1 of those monkeys !!!

14 April 2011


Those very same monkeys are your Leaders, bow to them! Morrons!

14 April 2011


Let’s do this logically. The monkey doesn’t have a shower on its head, so its not Zuma. The monkey doesn’t have a nappy on, so its not Malema. So by deduction, this monkey must be Yengeni !!

29 April 2011


You need correction. Those very same monkeys are YOUR leaders. They just monkeys to us. We didn’t vote for that baboon Zuma.

6 May 2011


They ARE your leaders, whether u voted for them or not! What remains is, they rule your country, serve them and give them your tax money everyday stupo!

6 May 2011


The only thing i’ll give those baboons is a kick in the @rse.

24 May 2011


Harry, in ur wet dreams.

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