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Blood and bullets on Beyers Naude

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Service delivery protests erupted out of Zandspruit on to Beyers Naude Drive a main road in north west of Johannesburg. Hundreds of angry rioters toy-toyed while barricading the road with bricks and burning tyres. Police, who fired rubber bullets to disperse the mobs, were pelted with stones and metal pipes. Times LIVE reporter Roderick Macleod was on the scene and filed this report.

30 March 2011

Abdulhalli Shittu

VIVA ANC – SCREW THE POOR – VOTE ANC -ASK Mandela what happened to all da money?

2 April 2011


The monkeys are rioting again. Next week it will be some other township.

11 April 2011


I don’t understand your comment Mr. Shittu -Maybe if it was supposed to be sarcastic.What does Mandela have to do with anything in 2011?Point is that corrupt leaders are pocketing money left and right without any justice invoked upon them.Why do we have to see the police shooting at an angry crowd on the streets?Why not just keep them happy by providing services that they pay for and why don’t we see the South African Police prosecuting our corrupt leaders.Take care of South Africans like you’ve promised ANC!

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