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DA election campaign kicks off in Kliptown

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The contest for the upcoming local government elections has hit high gear for the Democratic Alliance as the party launched its Local Government Election Campaign and Manifesto at the Walter Sisulu Freedom Square in Kliptown, Soweto.

28 March 2011

Thabang Mafela

I think its ultimately good for our democracy to have a more balanced political landscape… It was never & will never be healthy for one party to have such an overwhelming majority. Let us hope that the DA will gain the support it seeks in order to put pressure on the ANC to truly deliver a better life for all! This can perhaps be compared to business principle: The more balanced the playing felid, the less vulnerable the consumer will be to abuse etc. Thus the number one priority should be the electorate!

3 April 2011

Andy Strongilis

Thabang wonderfully said! No political party should be given such an overwhelming majority. In fact look at what happened in the past of South African politics: The racist National Party remained in power for 46 years and was left to abuse the masses and almost destroy the very foundations of our country. White voters allowed a single party state which almost destroyed the country and created one of the most evil systems the world had come to know.

Now years after apartheid, South Africa, is going down the same road again. Let us not let colour and race dictate who we vote for. In fact I say vote for any political party other than the ruling party. In other words if the DA had to win the elections one should vote ANC, and should the ANC win one should vote DA. Never vote for those in power – always vote the opposition – this way you keep those in power on check.

I am proud to be a South African and I want a country that creates a better life for all, especially the poor. It kills me to see how the few enrich themselves and the majority remain in absolute poverty. We can never become the great country we strive to become if we allow the masses to suffer and the few to become rich. VIVA ECONOMIC FREEDOM FOR ALL! VIVA SOUTH AFRICA FOR ALL!

Let us join forces as South Africans, whether your black, white, coloured or indian, and lets unite against poverty, racism and corruption for a South Africa we can proudly call home.

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