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Political Notebook#58: Cosas is not supporting Julius Malema for 2nd term

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In this week’s episode of Political Notebook, The Sunday Times editor Ray Hartley speaks to Sunday Times Political Journalist, Nkululeko Ncana about how Cosas is refusing to support Julius Malema for a second term as the ANC Youth League president.

24 March 2011


Good riddance to this monkey malema.

27 March 2011


No second term the guys language is too strong for our democracy,we need no extrimist revolutionaries in this age.He needs to to taught how to be diplomatic .He is not a nation builder like his predessesors Mahlengi Bhengu,Malusi Gigaba& Fikile Mbalula.

28 March 2011

Tovy Mushwana

If u all think Julius won’t go back to office you are in for a high jump! Stop bringing personal issues in da ANCYL, Malema represnts the youth and some of you are jelous that he came up with beTter ideas than u could ever think of! FACT Malema rocks…together with his collectives! They taken the youth league to abother level and u guys r jst jaleous! Stop calling him names and come up with something better. There nothing wrong with calling a spate a spate! Viva Julius viva…

28 March 2011


Malema is a small round monkey. He only good at swinging.

30 March 2011

Gadisi Steven



30 March 2011


If I catch this Malema on the street, I’ll klap that monkey sommer 1 shot right back into his tree.!!!!

3 April 2011


u (Starts idea/message/sentence without a capital and incorrect spelling – no one takes you seriously from the moment to start gushing) all (what everybody, everyone, who exactly is the ‘all’ to whom you are speaking?) think Julius won’t go back to office (punctuation please) you are in for a high jump! (incorrect grammar. The phrase ‘High Jump’ refers to being in trouble, can we assume that ‘we all’ are in trouble? What trouble specifically? Is this a threat and if so, of what exactly? also, ‘a high jump’, what exactly is ‘a high jump’?) Stop bringing personal issues in (what exactly do you mean by ‘in’. How does one do this? certainly by being a member of the ANCYL and if so then what you are saying is that the membership of the ANCYL is, itself, personalising the Julius issue – since when does any leader stop being ‘a person’, set up for review and criticism?) da (please stop shortening short words to shorter meaningless American slang) ANCYL, Malema represnts (sic) the youth (you presume that Malema represents anybody, and if he does, exactly what percentage of South African youth does he really represent?) and some of you (who exactlyare you referring to when you say ‘you?) are jelous (sic) that he came up with beTter (sic) ideas (’better is a relative term, better that what ideas, whose ideas. You are simply mouthing off here. Is Nationalization really such a good idea in a country like ours?) than u (sic) could ever think of! (Gross and rather foolish generalization given that you have no idea what anyone else thinks) FACT (Careful now, stop shouting at us, we are not idiots. What proof are you providing for this ‘fact’?) Malema rocks…together with his collectives! (More that one ‘collective’ implies political prostitution does it not?) They (who?) taken (sic) the youth league to abother (sic – yes, many would agree that the YL is ‘a bother’) level and u (sic) guys (again, who are you referring to?) r (this is simply laziness, ‘are’ is not difficult to type) jst (sic) jaleous! (sic – wow, please use spell check to that you do not come across as stupid!) (Also, of what would I / we be jealous, his pay check, his fascism, his kitsch Sandton property, the increasing size of his jowls and belly, his erudition and intelligence? I think not.) Stop calling him names (perhaps when your man stops referring to ‘agents’ and ‘********’ then your request might be a valid one.) and come up with something better. (A debate about why Nationalization of SA’s mines is a dangerous and untenable idea IS ’something better’) There (sic) nothing wrong with calling a spate (sic) a spate! (sic – an argument also in favour of the ‘other point of view’ too) Viva Julius viva…

Clearly this little piece of correspondence demonstrates why Malema is so popular with youth who are illiterate and unable to be in any way self critical. Nazism and Fascism thrive when just such people blindly blither on the way you have Tovy!

7 April 2011

Rod Baker

Julius Malema could well pay the price for being little more than a baiter given his ‘tendencies’ to throw out insults at every turn. In fact, I would say that when it comes to SA politics, he is a real Master Baiter on the scene – though he does have some competition from peopl like Floyd Shivambu, who is also a Master Baiter. So there we have it… SA politics’ Master Baiters.

8 April 2011


Malema’s days are over. We have tired of this monkey. We have a tire with petrol ready for him. He will be squealing like pig when we get him.

10 April 2011


These COSAS monkeys must vote for me. They cant come with that BLACK tendencie. I weel strike dmamit. Bloody coconuts.!

13 April 2011

D troskie

Dear illiterate Tovy
Whatever comes out of Malema’s mouth is personal and disrespectful and almost laughable? He does NOT represent the youth only himself and his pocket he so deeply fills with the tax payers money!. We are not ‘JEALOUS’ (CORRECT SPELLING!!!!) just disgusted that our leaders are so corrupt to the core! So when we say he needs to be reprimanded and removed we are in fact calling a SPADE A SPADE (CORRECT SPELLING). Do you not see your country falling apart by their hands, our basic services has come to a complete standstill, and yet they just want more and more from us and give nothing in return. Well dear Tovy if you want to live in a 3rd-world country keep on believing in Malema and the ANC.

18 April 2011


What kind of an example will he make to our little brothers and sister! Strong Language/ No respect for the Elders its what he’s good @! My entire you I never learned or picked anything good from the youth president! Besides all what’s his duty on that seat…what is doing for his fellow youth..Does he even think of what the SA youth is going trough! Unemployment..access to fee education! Kill the Boer/farmer isn’t he sending our brothers to prison! Damn this monkey! Down with Malema and his father father JZ!

26 April 2011


As long as the minority undermines and arrogantly criticises, the change they desire will nt be forthcoming. By name calling and suggesting that ANC supporters are uneducated, there will be no change. I represent the new youth of an educated generation. We stand by ANC because:
1. There is no viable alternative
2. The arrogant and harsh criticism of the ANC by minorities incites emotive responses.
3. If the minority is so condescending now, imagine when they are in power.
4. We would rather see our fellow comrades making money off of our taxes (which I do pay) than tthe minority.

In conclusion, we will only believe that a minority candidate can take power of this country again when they humble themselves. Calling Mr. Malema a monkey is childish and insulting to all. I grew up in Soweto and the current infrastucture is a testament to the ANC’s effectiveness. You can’t fix everything in 17years, there will be corruption in a young democracy. But there has been progress and progress will continue when my generation steps in.

27 April 2011


Cosas gauteng wll go with malema whether you like it or not and malema its our form president of cosas .we hve vote for him in mangaung as our president of ancyl.those who have lot of airtime talk to much about malema .its because of they watching money they will be shambok in the conference.malema its coming for term 2.viva julieus vuvuzela malema viva

3 May 2011


I bow down humbly in the persncee of such greatness.

17 May 2011


i love this country that we live in! firstly that so called cosas leader does not represent the views of
all cosas members but only a few. anc is not a party for the faint hearted, if they can’t stand the heat they must get out of the kitchen. malema will get a 2nd term because the majority will vote for him again.

21 November 2011

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