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“Malema irresponsible, a populist and trying to score points against Zuma” – MKMVA

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The uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA) have taken aim at ANCYL president Julius Malema. Referring to a recent statement made by Malema regarding Zuma and the Gupta’s relationship, the Veterans said, “the populist outburst of Julius Malema on this issue as responsiblerambling meant to score cheap points against President Zuma”.

4 March 2011


Is this not your creation ANC, a person with no respect for anyone for that matter! You deserve him and we deserve a vote! Forget Trevor and Manyi , this is the person who we will use our votes against!

4 March 2011


we used to sing songs for Mkhonto we Sizwe to come liberates us when we were kids….did they ever come??

4 March 2011


MKMVA should know that Julius was made by them to be like this. Where were this MKMVA when Julius was saying shocking things to president Mbeki, Mrs Pandor, president Motlantle, Mrs helen Zille, etc. Now because Julius is saying to president Zuma now is an issue. Maybe you are getting something also now you are afraid that Julius will expose you. You must know that South Africans were fighting for better life for all not Zuma’s family.

The struggle I engaged myself and others on was for a better living conditions of all South Africans not Zuma’s. Perhaps, you are benefitting from those families you are now defending and you must know that not all of us will encourage corruption and an enrichment of few individuals who are connected and family members of Zuma. I can see that you have been made blind by power and richness and you even forgot, what the South African struggle was for. Or you blindly loving Zuma that no-matter what he and his family do they will be always right to you. Think again, before calling for a press conference, there so many things that you need to defend and engage on like millions of people with no food, no shelter, no work, youth cannot afford school fees and South Africa daily becoming banana country where certain individuals and Zuma family sleep as centenairs and wake up the next morning being billionairs.

As young people of South Africa we will say what you can’t say because your mouth is full. It is now that the struggle begin in South Africa and you can see people on the street daily crying for better services and MKMVA choose to defend the defenceless. Shame on you.

22 November 2011


I getting tied of the usseu of Malema,because he is trying to charge the mind set of the true revolutionist,he wanted as to nationalize the because he new that he will get share to his fat cats friends of him.This is not the rigth time, the time will come when the people are ready.I thought that Malima is beening used by somebody else my be it could be the CIA.Malema must let the revolution to be driven by the mortive of the people who live it.

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