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Political Notebook#56: Manyi statements and their implications on the WC politics

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In this week’s episode of Political Notebook, The Sunday Times editor Ray Hartley speaks to  Managing Editor Politics Sthembiso Msomi about statements made by Government spokesman, Jimmy Manyi on coloured people and their implications on the upcoming local government elections in the Western Cape.

4 March 2011

Daniel Jackson

Just read the article regarding the Jimmy Manyi saga, the upcoming elections and his Employment Equity Bill, Whatever he says, we know for a fact that the ANC will use this bill to infiltrate the Western Cape to take over this province, the whole idea is to control everything in this country, and disinherit the coloured people of the Western Cape, The demographics of this bill has to do with ethnic dispersing of the coloured community to get them out of the Western Cape so that the ANC can get more black people into this province to dominate with votes in the coming elections and future elections. It is all about greed and riding on the gravy train for their lustful desires to have power and to fill their pockets with all the wealth of this country. This is another form of colonialism or should I say black colonialism. The whole idea behind this bill is to push people into a corner, but Mr Manyi, Beware!!!! you push people into a corner and they will revolt, not with peaceful demonstrations, but it will lead to a revolutionary outcome where people will be prepared to fight for what they believe in and even if it means that they have to face death itself. History has shown in the past, that when you take a man’s inheritance and his economic freedom away, you will start birth pangs of revolutionary talk. I am remindered of the words of a former apartheid MP during the 80’s whom I will not mention his name, maybe his very words are coming true when he speaks about “Die Swart Gevaar” even though I detested this man’s mentality who was a real racist, perhaps we are being led into another apartheid system by the ANC, the only difference here is that we do not see signs being pitched up wherever we go that says “Blacks Only” and “Coloureds Only” we can see the signs of subtleness behind close doors as to what is going on Mr Manyi. I have not seen at anytime Mr Zuma visiting a single coloured community since he came into power as well as the former ANC heads of state, that tells me something already, you politicians only care about yourselves and don’t give a damn about anyone else, but mark my word God will uproot this corrupt government in the future.

4 March 2011


The ANC monkeys will try anything to get the WC back. Its because its white-run and it works.

6 March 2011


The photo looks as if Manyi has joined the P.W. Botha school of finger-wagging rhetoric.

7 March 2011


it is this stupidity of the so called African ( blacks, Coloureds and Indians, when it is convenient for some to be called Africans of course), that infuriate me when white racist organisation with a clear racist agenda of divide and rule like solidarity ( agents of that political party) push their Agenda forward, we Africans are at each others throat.

why now Solidarity???? this is so systematic not random.

whites will continue to control us like puppets this way, whilst they continue benefiting from this. Jackson you are right , the second phase of revolution is very eminent against such white supremest organisations and their puppets (your likes who continue to defend their agenda) in the name of defending coloureds. Zimbabwe will look like a picnic compared to what will happen here, if such tendencies continue and are allowed.

we can not continue to be politically correct when things never change, we need to address things as they are. how else do we address racial imbalances.

western cape continues to be more racist and its time to do something about that.

7 March 2011


These ‘ tendencies’ WILL continue , and we will continue to control you monkeys because you savage monkeys need controlling, so what you going to do about it? So please come try make Zimbabwe picnic by my place, because I want to shoot me some monkeys !!

8 March 2011


Daniel, you speak the TRUTH my friend…I see signs of a revolution on the horizon and it is going to be more severe than in the apartheid years! Jimmy and his ANC have no CLUE what is waiting for them.

It is absolutely LUDICROUS to even ’suggest’ that the coloureds need to disperse from the WC. That is OUR HOME. We GREW UP there. Our WHOLE LIVES and EXISTENCE have its FOUNDATION there. Our families are there. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not excluding anybody. This issue is about the ‘coloureds’ an the ‘Indians’, hence, my point. Obviously, the very same thing applies to the Indians in KZN.

The ANC’s days are numbered!


If they were genuinely the ‘democratic’ party they purport to be, then they would LEARN and LEAVE the BEST AND ONLY WELL RUN PROVINCE in South Africa…ALONE! EVERYTHING WORKS IN CAPE TOWN! If these ARROGANT, INCOMPETENT MAD PEOPLE should take over that province, they will simply RUIN it like all the other ’squatter camps’ provinces in their grip!

People, the ANC cannot play ANY OTHER card as they have failed dismally. They can only play the race-card – and by doing that…they are signing their own death warrant.

Let’s VOTE these CORRUPT PEOPLE out of government.

8 March 2011


We must remember that both Mr Manyi just like Mr Cele, Mr Sphiwe Nyanda and Mr Malema are some of the key individuals who contributed in ensuring that Mr Zuma is in power. It is very difficult to deal with these individual from the ruling party’s point of view.

Without citing with either white or black grouping here, Mr Manyi was wrong by commenting the way he did. You don’t have to frustrate the very nation you want to unite just because a particular individual supported the current president and therefore is untouchable. For example Shiwe Nyanda was sacked as a minister after an outcry that prolonged so much but was suddenly redeployed to the presidency. What about others he was sacked with? They did not play a key role in ensuring that the former president was kicked in favour of Mr Zuma.

Manyi did not personally apologise but he is highly defended because the western Cape province is at stake. How do you want to control all nine provinces at all costs when the other eight you controlling are battling with service delivery?. It is better for the ANC to perfect service delivery in provinces it already control than to risk by putting its unity under threat. An unstable ANC is an unstable South Africa as things stand whether we like it or not you need a united ANC to have a South Africa that will move forward towards a developed country. When Mr Cele leased a property without following the established processes, the president kept quite to an extend of keeping quite when one of the institutions regarded as the cornerstone of our democracy was raided for questioning the deal by one of his favourates. A raid on any institution of government is an attack on South Africa and therefore an attack on the country’s president. In this case the president of South Africa was attacked by Mr Cele’s department but kept quite about it because he is the president of the ANC not of the people of South Africa and that he fear losing ground for the 2012 elective conference.

Mr Malema continues to embarass and humiliate the president and other cabinet ministers but nothing is done about him. No one seems to protect the president against the young lion except lately by the ANC Veteran Association. They also did that to protect the Gupta family due to the deals they have with them and the president’s son. Whether Mr Malema did ever attend the anger management course he was instructed as part of the corrective action for his indiscipline? Only the ANC will tell.

On the other hand Mr Mantashe the Secretary General of the ANC when commenting on these matters is very careful thinking that the ANCYL will suddenly forget to field Mr Mbalula to replace him at the coming conference. It is too little too late for him, the best thing he can do whilst in office in taht capacity for the brief time is to unite the ANC fairly.

On conclusion, the big problem is with the ruling party, the ANC. Individuals cannot continue to be bigger than this organisation with such a rich history of liberation struggle.


9 March 2011


The reality is that coloureds (in particular) are marginalised in the public service and have been for quite some time now. Thus, distasteful as it might be, the utterances of Manyi and others merely mirror government policy.

11 March 2011


One problem with people like Manyi is that they are “professional Blacks”; people who pretend to speak for aspiring Black professionals, but who themselves have absolutely nothing but their pigmented skins.
Black professionals can work for themselves. They have talent, qualifications, skills, and can ‘add value’ to whichever organization/business they join.
Professional Blacks have neither talent, qualifications or (work, business) skills — or at least those that will not get them very far, all things being EQUAL. So they NEED organizations for ‘work for them’.
Manyi, Malema, and how many other professional Blacks NEED the BMF, ANC and any other support structure like a fish needs water. With an organization sympathetic to their professional blackness, they would simply be nothing.

11 March 2011


Correction: WithOUT an organization sympathetic to their professional Blackness, they would be nothing.
To this I should add for for clarity: unlike the Black professional who ‘adds value’ to whichever organization he/she belongs to, the organization (e.g., BMF, ANC, etc.) ‘adds value’ to the professional Black.
This is why politicians NEED publicity as much as they do.

12 March 2011


Simply, Manyi is no ‘professional black’, in fact, no ‘professional’ anything. To us he’s just a monkey, worth absolutely nothing. Others in this group are Malema, Yengeni, Zuma etc. No use at all, just monkeys.

4 December 2011

Julee Arvie

Padre justo, Tú reino es Eterno y Tu potencia no tiene límites. toda rodilla se doblará y confesará que solamente Usted es Dios Por todos los siglos. Ahora señor intercedo por las personas y familias que sufren en Baghdad, te ruego que los libres y defiendelos de todo mal por amor a ti mismo. En el poderoso nombre de Jesús, Amén.

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