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Catz Pyjamas Police Raid Shocker

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Police officers allegedly beat up patrons at Catz Pyjamas restaurant in Melville in the early hours of Saturday morning after one of the patrons threw a beer bottle at officers who were arresting a drunk driver out side. The assaults were captured on CCTV and shows police officers hitting and kicking some of the patrons in the restaurant.

2 March 2011


Where do our police get their training? Libya? This type of behaviour is happening more often.

2 March 2011


This was not a ‘raid’ and these are not normal cops. They are the Tactical Response Team (TRT).

The TRT was not called in to raid the establishment, they were called in to discipline the patrons.

2 March 2011


Man that looks just like Tripoli

2 March 2011


I am appalled at this footage…What kind of police officers do this? kicking people on the floor is cowardice to me…Bheki Cele look how your officers act

2 March 2011


This is disgraceful, why is it not leading the news?
Look at the way the cop at 3:10 is walking with a rifle on his shoulder. He should be fired just for that.
The rest makes me sick.

2 March 2011


I have so much respect for the boys in blue, they have to deal with the worst kind of people day in and day out, ****** pay and worst of all, they have no idea whether they will actually make it home at the end of their shift. Pity though that a few of them with deep rooted minority complexes enforce their position way past the limit of normal socially acceptable behaviour and this is the result. I am glad they caught the footage and hope that the officers responsible are dealt with.

2 March 2011


Violence is the language of the ignorant

2 March 2011


Mojowire, I am shocked and disappointed that you would say that the TRT was called in to diffuse disorderly patrons, this is totally untrue. 98% of the patrons in the restaurant had no idea why they were being attacked, you heard the story firsthand! The chap that threw the bottle was identified by Catz security and offered to the police attending the accident scene. As you see clearly in the video footage people were raising their hands in a questioning gesture and were beaten up for that. I would also like to add, before anyone misunderstands further, the management of Catz DID NOT call in the police or the TRT, they were not consulted at all when they arrived, the owner herself was in the restaurant during the incident and was not allowed to speak! Please before making any statements that may jeopardise the recourse that those customers that were hurt may have, ask, ask again and we will provide you with the truth!

2 March 2011


Okay I am sorry, that is not what I meant with ‘discipline patrons’, I should have been clearer and I didn’t mean to imply that Catz or its patrons was in any way ‘asking for it’. I also didn’t mean to prejudice anyone with my remarks, humble apologies.

I just wanted to clarify that it was the TRT who was responsable for this.

2 March 2011

Zulu Mothafucka

This is to be reported to World Justice and those cops should be jailed for abuse of power.
They must be FIRED on fire.

2 March 2011


The result of baboons in a uniform.

3 March 2011


This is just disgusting!!!! This is not Zimbabwe – we should stand together and revolt against this behaviour. I am not condoning what the guy did by throwing the bottle over the balcony but what the Police did was totally unjustified!!!

3 March 2011


This is so sad. I was so nervous for everyone in the restaurant whilst watching this footage. The unfortunate part is that this is not an isolated incidence. It is really disturbing to me that I have gone from respecting the police (what I was taught as a youg girl), to completely fearing them and being very weary of them

3 March 2011


serves them right, “one of the patrons threw a beer bottle at officers” no respect for the law. Now feel the law

3 March 2011


Peter, if you think that is the law, you are totally misguided. That is institutionalised thuggery. Condoning this type of behavious for whatever reason possible, undoes everything that so many people have fought for during the heel of appartheid. This turns back the clock to the days where the police force was feared for their brutality.
The police is there to serve the public, uphold the law and protect the people, not break the law, terrorise the public and serve themselves…

3 March 2011


@ Peter are you a police officer by any chance… i would’ve definately fought back… they were probably on drugs or drunk nxxxxxxxxx and what LAW r u reffering to Peter?

3 March 2011


The actions of those cops does not surprise me. I’ve known what scum they are for a very long time. What is shocking (and insulting) is the fact that all the journo’s are calling it “alleged” when we can see exactly what is going on for ourselves. That’s truly sickening.

3 March 2011

Jacob Skhakhane

This is nothing. Jus go to zim and see what we call police brutality. u guys ahve it easy here in SA. Dont get me wrong AM NOT CONDINING THEIR BEHAVIOUR…….

3 March 2011

My self

Guys I was there visiting for the derby in Soweto. You can imagine how bad that thing was.
Seriously, i did not even know why we were being beaten. The beer bottle story I only got at the police station. worse of all, the charge I was handed was DRUNKNESS BY Const. Magaba at Brixton police station. I was held there for 4 hours.

We were made to sign an admission of guilt fine of R300 otherwise Monday is court day. I was like is there a charge like that. seriously dont speak like this. that TRT guy is talking ****

3 March 2011

Andy Pats

This reminds me of the 2008 Stellenbosch police raids. Has there ever been an outcome to that matter? I suspect the Melville matter will simply be forgotten after a few months of losing the official papers repetitively.

3 March 2011

Lady Y

This is so disturbing. How are we meant to feel safe if we cannot even trust our police force? I would’ve been terrified in that situation. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN OUR COUNTRY? AND WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET OUR DISAPPROVAL TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE?

4 March 2011


this guys in black berretts, they remind me of old SAP special branch, they terrorise the hell out of us in the townships. if we had cctv monitoring in the townships like ones in the cbds, you guys would start hating and fearing anyone in SAPS uniform. these guys just enjoy toturing and making fun of innocent and unarmed civilans. i now even scared to stop when a blue light tries to stop me while driving because you will never know what will happen to you. whatz happeing in this video is nothing compared to what i see lately SAPS abusing authority. i have lost respect for men in uniform.

4 March 2011


This is ABSOLUTELY SCARY… where are the rights of civil society. What happens if civil society starts protesting against things that government wants to enforce? Well it’s pretty obvious… we’re going to get BEATEN INTO SUBMISSION! The tentacles of the Industrial military complex are growing.

4 March 2011


Those baboon cops know they can’t come here to Pretoria and try that. We will donder those black monkeys.

4 March 2011


Cele, you lead my example, you are criminal and so are those who serve you.

7 March 2011


Join the facebook page. POLICE BRUTALITY, South Africa. lets make a difference…

7 March 2011

Melville Cat

This is honestly people utilizing their power and showing off who is boss. I understand a bottle was thrown at them but then deal with that individual. Some of us frequent Melville weekdays and weekends and a place that we enjoy ending our Night Of at Catz PJ’S now people are afraid to go there incase that episode repeats itself. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment and May God deal with them in his way. Anyway guys we must all start going there more. Melville Cat over and out.

7 March 2011


Let me catch one of those black monkey cop sh^ts alone………

8 March 2011


I would like to reply to Peter – Feel the law until it happens to you then you will sing another song. This did not happen to you or your loved ones and no one not even the police are supposed to act in such a brutal manner. Who gives them the authority and what right do they have???

The police are supposed to keep law and order and not reap havoc in the manner in which they did. Are people no longer allowed to go out and have some fun – it is enough that we are not to go out and have fun due to our lives being endangered under normal circumstances. Now we are to fear the police as well, when they are supposed to be protecting the ordinary citizens of the country. The best advice to these poor patrons is to sue the hell out of whoever did this to them.

8 March 2011




9 March 2011


no words to describe this.

9 March 2011

Sleak Lightning

People please try and make understand what’s this noise is all about
because some id#ots provoked these policeman who were busy minding
their own business.

These patrons are lucky because they have an opportunity to leave and tell
about the incidents.
I wonder if they could have done that during those dark years of apartheid
because we could have been talking about the MASSACRE.


10 March 2011


Well, well, well. I thought South Africa was free from Police Brutality and all this **** obviously not.isshhh feels like apartheid in reverse. why would you beat up people even though you are told who the culprit is. obviously Mr. Cele what you told this guys is very evil.

14 March 2011


well alan you out of topic, starting a racial slur just like your coleague burt. how are you going to donder policemen, remains to be seen. maybe you’ve got a stack of limpet mines, rocket launchers, grenades left-overs from Koevoet, executive outcomes, 21st battalion? well i guess they have to visit you very soon. don’t change the subject and introduce racist slurs. that has no place in the new south africa.

15 March 2011


We will donder those blacks exactly like Bees did to that monkey metro cop. That baboon cop got clever , so Bees split that monkey’s head open, good job, and we will do the same to these monkey cops.

15 March 2011


This is typical of what happens when you put any sort of uniform or badge on a black. The other day I had to give the security guard at our complex a good beating for getting cheeky with us whites. The only thing the monkeys understand is a klap to the head.

22 March 2011


That’s right you moron… one of the patrons! So does that mean that they should just randomly beat up everybody in sight! I wonder if you would feel the same way if they smacked you sister or mother! Think before you speak… Idiot!!!

14 April 2011


Paul, Jason, Chris, Alan and Burt – don’t yall have eyes? Retards…Can’t yall see in the clip that the most beatings are done by your pale skinned brothers?
Stupid cops are just stupid cops, irrespective of the color of their skin…morons!

16 May 2011

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