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Times photographer harassed on Robben Island

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The Times photographer, Shelley Christians and Dutch intern for the Sunday Times, Isabelle Egeler, travelled to Robben Island to photograph the primary school there. Shortly after their arrival, Christians was manhandled and screamed at by Robben Island Primary School Governing Body Chairman, Grant Shezi.

10 February 2011


How rude!!! The guy is not making any sense, geez talk about being aggro!!!

10 February 2011


Why do you “fot” the guy…LMAO!!!! Fot translated in xhosa is “undi fotela ntoni”…

10 February 2011


What a typical example of the over-fed yet undereducated fools that the majority continue to vote into power. Just listen how much placatory bulls**t his paranoid boss JZ speaks this evening. As we’ve said for many years – TIA – This Is Africa

10 February 2011


Of all the online papers timeslive is the only one whose multimedia is inaccessible when out of the country. I have to travel frequently and the videos on this online site never work unlike other sites which do. timeslive is it possible for you to update/change your multimedia so that overseas viewers can view the many multimedia links.

6 March 2011


What a total idiot this guy is. A raving lunatic! But the reporter should have walked away and not continued engaging with him. There was no reason to persist.

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