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Video of Julius Malema declares ZAR club belongs to the ANC

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Cell phone video shot by a partygoer at Kenny Kunene’s ZAR club in Cape Town catches ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema in the act as he declares the club belongs to the ANC.

6 February 2011


We are all doomed. The world is coming to an end with all the things happening in the world. No respect for life, decency and moral values. If the leaders mislead the nations, then we have no where to go. Let’s take life as it is because we don’t seem to be winning the world order at all. Young peoples are uncontrollable and TVs show indecent programmes that a parent can’t even watch with their children. This reminds me of Mzwakhe’s poem ” A nation in denial”.

6 February 2011

enrico r johnson

i have the answeres

7 February 2011

The Man

Thats right black South Africans…keep voting ANC. Their intelligence will get you far! Dont vote for someone competent, just vote ANC without thinkng twice. Bravo!

7 February 2011


How can people still vote for these guys, if THIS is where their money is going? They really don’t give a sh@t. They show up for work (i hope), make a few ‘what the people wanna hear’ comments, and furthermore they just enjoy the heaps of money they’re getting for doing nothing. They are partying it up, while the poor voters is still sitting in poverty with a load of broken promises, and a government going backwards. They are freakin pimps, kids in a candy store – showered with heaps and heaps of cash, driving in their big black bmw’s.

7 February 2011


The joy of democracy is that should us voters not be happy with any Public Servant that is now in office all we need to do is not re-elect them next time around. The people in the different areas in our country know that the Officials they elected are providing the services what they promised, and they would also know if they are falling short. Time will tell.
We need to realise that the majority of this population support the ANC and this is not a colour thing as the other parties that tried to compete (IFP,COPE To name but a few) with the ANC fell short last time around. The people have choosen the officials by choice, so until they can see that they are not providing or living up to their election promises let everyone keep doing what they do best. And lets hope that those in power keep this country going as it is a great country and we have a great people so lets just be happy with what we got. Until someone can tell us that they have better we will be happy to listen as this is a demecracy.

7 February 2011


ANC is a revolutionary party no matter wt people say ANC will rule until Jesus come back, no matter ur rich, poor, quite, talkative people will always talk. Malema is our Cadre and people criticism make you strong, Julius allow constructive criticism because failure to do that will be to chase away good advices. VIVA JUJU VIVA. 4rm ANC Youth League member Pretoria Sunnyside. Kgomotso Seruba.

7 February 2011


Yeah we will keep voting the ANC till we dieam
We are not gona vote for a White party, we have suffered enough from the whites before we fought for our freedom.
Now your white party DA has the gutts to say the only natives in CPT are the coloureds and whites, bloody agents are iignoring the fact that the birth of coloureds was from the raped black women found by the whites when they came to this beautiful country.
Go jump of the clif you wankers, the ANC will till the lord comes to earth.
Leave with it or go to europe, ohh by the way e en your european whites don’t want you.

7 February 2011

Black Man

As a black South African, I read this comment and drop my head in shame! You clearly don’t understand what a healthy democracy is founded on. It because of people like you that a lot of black people in townships are suffering because ANC officials don’t have the ability to budget and spend money on what it was intended for. I voted DA in the last local election and am proud of it. The Western Cape in the ONLY province that can account for their whole budget, no other ANC governed province can say that….so keep voting till you die, it might be some of your children in the future that will be paying the price and suffering at black, uneducated ANC hands, NOT white Africans.

7 February 2011


i take it Shane …….you are one of those coloureds!!!!!

7 February 2011


Guy’s, when will ppl understand tht nothing is about black or white!!!! It is all about the money! Julius is spending large amounts (comes from black and white ppl), all the politicians have astronomical salaries and bonuses (without the corruption income) but they comrades don’t even have proper toilets??? Do they care?? Why would they???
As long as they still get the votes (and money), why care… lol

So, keep on voting ANC… where president says that voting ANC takes you to heaven and if not gets you to hell, but he has more then 1 wife??? Is that according to the bible? Ooooh , yeah…i remember, Jesus said so, just there was nobody to write it down… LOL

8 February 2011

The P

I will keep voting ANC because it is a revolutionary party. Dont care what the DA says. They have the audacity to give people toilets without enclosures and then turn and critisize the ANC. How pathetic!

8 February 2011


Malema is a monkey.

8 February 2011


And these baboons wonder why we call them savages

8 February 2011


Bloody agents, it is all lies

8 February 2011


YOU are as ignorant of your history as Malema is about hardship. Twat!

8 February 2011


Baboons, Savages and a Monkey….
Wow, its amazing how short minded we can really be and somehow allow our inferior minds as “Human Beings” to determine our being..

So you really think that by calling people names which they are not will make you superior and justify your inferior mentality, ahg shame on you…

Just understand that there is nothing you can do… TIA, and we do things our own way…

Go and do your research about Vlaakplas before you call people names, moron!

At least they own the Nightclubs and they did not inherit blood money…

8 February 2011


I’m white and I will most probably not be allowed into that club, no matter what I pay. It has happened to me before. That’s what’s the new “black Sandton clubs” are like. The owners are probably too afraid some white person reports on how they party and pass out. Or they are just racists.

8 February 2011


And as you state so clearly, they will kill you, because they do not care for anything other than your vote. That is ALL you are to them – a cross on a ballot sheet. They do not consider the citizens of this country at all, only themselves, and no, that does NOT include you. So enjoy that ANC-induced death.

8 February 2011


This man is a cretin, unlike any other. IF, and God help us if this happens, he becomes president, this country will go down quicker than Kunene on a sushi-laden vajayjay. Every western nation will reject him quicker than his own braincells. (or lack thereof)

9 February 2011


Thought Dewani was the monkey??

9 February 2011


Arguing about how the leaders of this country are spending their salaries is just a simple waste of nako hey…

9 February 2011


@shane. Dude, the people don’t care anymore what party is voted, and what color their leader’s skin is. Apartheid has been over for a very long time you moron. As long as the ruling party is not f*ing up all the time, and not actually taking the country back in evolution.

And dude, this country weren’t this beautifull when the whites got here. There was nothing. And your fore-fathers were working with sticks in the sand, out in the bush. Then the white man came with his technology, and started building a city, and developing. Let’s face it – the white man built this country. Yes, maybe by using some blacks as slaves and not paying him. So if the whites built these cities, I would have loved to see all the black people just go out and build their own cities (not trying to be racist) But hey, let’s not ponder about the past, non of us were there, and things were alot different.

So years ago, the white man decided ok, enough of this, and decided to share all his advanced developments, and cities with the black man who still has not created anything for himself. But now the black man is using his new found ‘power’ for evil – and telling the white man to F off, and to leave all he has created for them, and the black man is trying to claim it all as his own. Get the big picture?

So if you don’t like the white man’s big city, and the white man in it, why don’t you go live with your parents in the cities that they built, for you – out in the beautifull fields of Transkei, and all over South Africa?

Shoe, got little carried away there…

11 February 2011


That right my brother let us keep voting for the ANC, I dont care what the whites think, if they know how to run things well why dont they join the ANC and exercise their skills Like our lovely white Barbara Creecy. But just because the DA is about race they will go all out to absorb white skillfull people based on race, just to spite in the face of the ANC, I will vote ANC until “thy kingdom come” and if we dont win that silly province in the next election, we will turn the western, eastern and northern Cape into one province and we will see if they win…

12 February 2011


Jees people we are supposed to have turned a new leaf in this country(When Nelson Mandela was released)and yet we are still at each others necks.To the Black people who cant seem accept that we are all equal,Take a look at proberbly the best leader the world has ever seen and known Madiba he fought for your rights and freedom in aphartied and was locked up for many years were he continued to fight when he was released he did not think ooh im free so now i am going to do to the whites what they did to me nope he stepped out of that prison a wise and respected person who’s goal was to make everyone in this counrty equal

And the White people who say that these guys are monkeys and baboons and what not take a look at yourself your making life difficult for yourself your the monkey because your not trying to make this a better country we all needed to accept that we are all equal.All races and colours no matter what they look like outside bleed the same blood we all want a safe and peaceful country..

Im a young white man who plans to start a family someday…but unfortunatly i dont want to raise my kids in a country where we all live in the f@cking past jees people get over it….

As for the so called juju come on seriously man dude where were you when your people was suffering playing in the streets with your friends just as i was back in the day i have nothing against him i dont dislike him i just hate the comments that he makes and the way he goes about doing things…..

12 February 2011


I know what a monkey is. It’s black, and has names like malema or zuma. And we definitely not equal, don’t talk crazy ! I’m not a dumb black savage !

17 February 2011


You whites, with that white tendancy, you cant call me monkey. Bloody agents !

20 February 2011


You monkeys must go k+k in the bushes like your chimpanzee brothers in the kruger park. You don’t need toilets.

22 February 2011


So this is an ANC club? Then obviously it is a club for monkeys (because the anc is monkey).

23 February 2011


Why do you want to go to a baboon club anyway.????

3 March 2011



3 March 2011


The SPCA must be called in to remove all these chimpanzees that have occupied this premises. We don’t want monkey in Cape Town.

22 March 2011


Yall are crazy can you not see this is history repeating itself and you all are falling into the trap right back in and destroying our Nation that Nelson Mandela and the likes of Sisulu and Hani etc. fought for in this country so we could all live together without any prejudice against each others races, I 2nd u Bob dnt fall into these stupid stereotypes. I am a young black lady that went to scholl with the entire rainbow nation and befriended all of them and we all got along well without having to look at each others skin colour. Lets embrace our uniqueness as South Africans and love one another and stick together, politicians are tearing us apart, in the meanwhile they get along behind close doors this is all for publicity for them. While we are mocking each other im sure they sit and laugh at how gullible we are and maybe STUPID also. Lets prove them wrong and unite and NOT VOTE for this majority party’s SUPPORT MINORITY parties and give them a chance to prove them wrong!!!!!!!!!!

25 July 2011


Julius Malema is a total idiot !!! You think that this is what we worked our ***’s off all your malema suporters especially the lady above are not to leke aka smart . When something goes wrong in this country it’s always Apartheid’s fault but who do you think is responsible for the success in this country ? It’s definetly not Malama and the ANC.

Ama boscha boscha Julius MmmmmalemmmmmmmA

5 October 2011


I like kenny kunene man!! U rock lefatshe dude,don’t have car nor cash,but wanna meat u in person bra wa baba I’ve never seen such a thing ,stryt talk dsnt brake any frndship,as 4 u malema o se thuba matlapau brake them ka botlalo

5 October 2011


Publish my email I want kenny 2 reply

19 October 2011



22 March 2012

thabiso the future of SA

I can see that whatever u do in SA u will alwayz have personal haiters. but i will never waist my time and hate some one for every thing they do wethout beig resoneble for that specific event. im happy for every one who have money and black, bcose it is very dificult for a black man to achive like keny kunene in SA. JUST WANT TO SAY TO ALL THE COMENTERS DONT HATE THE PLAYER HATE THE GAME.



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