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South Africans tell of drama at Cairo Airport

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What should have been a short in-transit stop over turned into a 2 – 5 day wait for South Africans who landed at Cairo International Airport during the last week. Listen as they describe the real conditions whilst camping at the airport – all the while telling their families that everything was fine.

3 February 2011

tt tshianeo

iam so concerned how south africa are going to deal with unemployment,i was fired like a dog and my agency had nothing to say about it,i dont see why government department have to hire people through agency, iam talking about the SA post office were in people work for more than 8 years being temporary,iam talking about the OR thambo Post Office were Mr easy is the manager,The agencys are . Marula,Capacity, TanTappoitment and Phakisa. i think the managers in the post office have something to do with this agency ’s bosses.how can you be temporary for 8 years. the defferent salary scale between permanant and contractors is above R3700.00, because i was a driver earning R765.00 per week , were alse the permanent worker as a driver gets R8580,00 to 9500 if he has overtime per mounths, contractors get fired if someone complains for bad driving wothout a warning.that is the real situation at the moment. up until this defferent at work places are not cleaned the uneployment will keep being high, thank you

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