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Highlights from the Comics Choice Awards

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The hilariously entertaining Comics Choice Awards 2011 took place at the Monte Casino Teatro on 22 January. The show scrapped the traditional award ceremony format and had the winners perform a comedy set when they received their ‘Waldo’ statuettes. Also keeping the sold-out audience in stitches were performances from mimes, and opera singer and even a contemporary dance routine.

2 February 2011


What a fun event… and one I missed! Congratz to all of the comedians and dedicated entertainers for all the years filled with laughter and joy.

9 February 2011


Well done, it’s done.
Where were the top comedians?????????????????????????????????????????????\
Where was Trevor, David Kau, Eugene Khoza, Loyiso…..
Where were the guys who sell out shows over and over again

These were valueless awards, the best new comer, guitar man, pleaseeeee????
This was a joke.

Hey a white corporate sponsor gotta promote their dull pips.

Hopefully someone will come with real South African Comedy Awards. SACA and let these jokers suck on that!

15 February 2011


Themba, Themba, Themba…. Spoke like a real old school, reverse minded bigot.
Where do i start? your comment was ignorant on so many levels! (You have no idea upsetting it is)

Firstly, I’d like to have you know that i was a registered comedian and an attendant at the awards ceremony and i speak on the view of a comedian from the inside out.. not an ignorant moron from the outside in. This initiative was the best thing to happen in HISTORY of South African comedy… PERIOD, all the winners were voted for by comics like myself and the Guitar man that you are so quick to dismiss without knowing happens to be one of the most impressive comics i’ve ever seen… in just 18months in the game he has his own show, won three comedy festivals and now an award Deep Fried Man ROCKS!

As for your preferred comics, Trevor did register so was not applicable to win, Loyiso was a nominee is the comic of the year award and come on David has done less than NOTHING since the mediocre “i did these jokes first” and Eugene is simply not up to the same standard as ANY of the winners or nominees on the night, besides being a non registered comic.

So… MR SACA… Are you going to organize those fantasy awards that you’ve just sucked out of your thumb? or just like the rest of the South African population going to wait for to someone to create it so you can watch it on S.A.B.C MXM.

24 March 2011


Then there was silence…
Talk abt uneducated criticism…

I must say the Deep Fried Man is great revilation in so many ways…
Bigup 2 the award winners…

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