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Motlanthe proud of new school in Lawley township

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Built to accomodate the hundreds of school going children of Lawley township, who for years have had to walk several kilometres to get to their nearest school, the newly built Lawley Secondary School was opened today. Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, who was pivotal in establishing the school, said at the opening that he was very proud of the school and teachers. Motlanthe was accompanied by Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane, Education MEC, Barbara Creecy and Johannesburg’s mayor Amos Masondo.

12 January 2011


Lets take a break from South African Politics and look Ivory Coast a little bit. Why so much interest by international role players. Who is funding the opponent who is so much favoured by the west? What is the west Agenda on this? The following are true answers to these questions:

First of all he doesn’t lets look at the GENOCIDE of Hutus which was organised by France and supported by UN and this is not Knew. It has been like this for 50 years.France has always killed any African leaders or Presidents who protest against France’s “exploitation”.Sarkosy want Ivorian Petrol FOR NOTHING while GBAGBO prefer a proper and honest deal.

What is the real problem the white people don’t really want to look at is that any African President who contest the West (including French government “Domination and Exploitation”) has to be killed by France or they will organise a GENOCIDE like in RWANDAN or in NIGERIA. This is how French killed the former President(THOMAS SANKARA)in BURKINA FASO or Patrice LUMBA in CONGO.

Anyone is talking about the African Sub-regional leaders but these people are always intimited by the West and they will not talk their mind to protect their interest so they not necessary in this case. Rember Mandela talked his mind about Blair behaving like foreign affairs Minister for USA during Bush presidential visit while Mbeki was a President. It was said to be one of Diplomatic crisis as everyone was agreing with Mandela except for Mbeki’s Cabinet whose interest was to protect their interests.

GBAGBO is Ivorian president who is not supported by SARKOSY and his government because he is one of the African new Leaders who want French to stop their EXPLOITATION of the African continent. This is why Sarkosy is “managing” to kill GBAGBO. In these cases France will manage to choose their own African Man who is “their cow” to give him power as they always do since 50 years from Charles DEGAULLES to Sarkosy. This happened in Irag, Afghanistan and many other African countires. Why did the so called International community never say anything about for the past 50 YEARS? GBAGBO suggested to Ouattara Allassane who is chosen by Sarkosy and not Ivorians:”come my brother to talk…I don’t want my people to be killed…” But this is not what Sarkosy and Ouattara want. All is set in Ivory Coast to dethrow Gbagbo, which is why you since the international community represented there commenting on everything coming out of this dilemma.

Not all Animals are equal…. I guess that’s the answer.

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