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Cosatu’s 25 birthday

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Thousands of Cosatu members dressed in their red t- shirts gathered in the Johannesburg stadium to celebrate the union’s 25 th birthday.  President Jacob Zuma also came to celebrate with the union leaders.  He also spoke about the importance of the alliance between the ANC and Cosatu.

4 December 2010


Who gave the microphone to the monkey?

6 December 2010


that monkey is your president wether u like it or not

6 December 2010


Stupid Benjamin. the difference between you and Malema is that you got a what big mouth and hes got a black big mouth.

6 December 2010


ok these monkeys got money (your money). and these monkeys are in power.

6 December 2010



We as members of COSATU and Workers gave our president and the President of the Republic a mic and it’s our responsibility. Seemingly the real monkey is you who have no political home or should I say a proper political hence you put your nose where it doesn’t belong. What my president have said its true this alliance is going nowhere and it’s for monkeys like you to wake up and smell the coffee.

6 December 2010


And you can’t spell , monkey !

6 December 2010


That’s precisely the problem with Africa and all you baboons in it.”GOING NOWHERE” !!! Thousands of years behind civilization.”GOING NOWHERE” – we not surprised.

7 December 2010


That’s your monkey, not mine

17 December 2010


In power? You obviously un-educated. Shame . A monkey couldn’t be in power of watering the garden!! The monkeys fool themselves they in power. We call the shots here. Especially Zuma, now that’s a really dumb monkey.

19 December 2010


So now this monkey is trying to sue the Sunday Times for damaging his reputation ! Let’s see – charged with rape, charged with corruption, daily stealing our tax money to support his thousand chimpanzee wives, and regarded by the people as a dumb ape ! This monkey has no reputation ! Sunday Times will win.

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