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Malema vows not to pay R50 000 fine

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ANCYL President, Julius Malema has vowed to use every law in the book to avoid to pay his fine of R50,000 to Sonke Gender Justice.  He was found guilty of hate speech and harrasment by the Equity Court and was ordered to pay the amount.  He said it was principle that was preventing him to pay the amount.

3 December 2010


This idiot needs to be put away permanently preferably by his own people!!!

3 December 2010


We can put a funny hat on this little monkey malema, put a leash on it , and make it dance on a street corner for tips. Everyone is laughing at this monkey already.

4 December 2010


why should we be punished for what our ancestors or (voorgeslag) did! he blames it on us but we did nothing! even some of his own people hate him!

4 December 2010


Why do you bother yourself what this useless, dumb chimpanzee Malema thinks? I wouldn’t let this stupid black baboon polish my shoes. In fact, as far as our ancestors are concerned, they were right, and I fully support them. The only solution is to donder these black monkeys.

4 December 2010


All of u are so angry and referring to blacks as monkeys/chimpanzee. Maybe u should ask yrselves what u did to contribute on the situation. U’r so stupid u always remind black ppl what u did to them and they will always show u they are in power, stupid.

5 December 2010

Julius Malema

These whites what coming with their white tendency. You can’t call me monkey, dammit. Never !. I refuse !!! We will closer you down. You bloody agents.! I’m not monkey.

5 December 2010


Some whites r so bitter that we r our own people that they latch on to anything. We do not hate Malema, we disagree with him sumtimes as much as we disagree with our blood brothers, if we were to choose betwn those whites who commented here & Malema he would win hands down so please do not get it twisted white ppl.

5 December 2010


If monkey doesn’t pay, monkey goes to prison

5 December 2010

Black Brother

Smelly Pigs Stop calling black people chimpanzees or monkeys!
As for Malema anyone who listens to him, should just be arrested!!!

5 December 2010


I googled ” AFRICAN BLACKS “. It said ” stupid black monkeys normally swinging in trees, but also found in African governments and organisations “.

6 December 2010


one bullet one settler

6 December 2010


i think to call each other baboons//chimpanzee is not a solution, ans stop using the old region language.

6 December 2010


i think to call each other baboons//chimpanzee is not a solution, and stop using the old regime.language.of apartheid

6 December 2010


I am so dissapointed in this young boers, are you still behaving like your ancesters? I was starting to accept you as fellow brothers and sisters, thats why we call our country a RainBow Nation Right?
The truth is we have our country in our hands and you will never taste it again because of this kind of behavior. You should stop calling your presidents, kings and ministers monkeys if you know what is good for you. I still belive there are some of you who comprehand.

6 December 2010


All I hear and read these days are racial comments from white people. I don’t know anymore because I thought that we were moving into the right or maybe a politically correct direction. I was wrong. Do white people have any idea why they hate us so much? Is it because they are still licking their bruised egos when their injustices were abolished and uncovered? Or is it because they still think that they are more humans than black people.

Mr Hofmeyr maybe before you talk of entitlement maybe you must start asking yourself those questions. Maybe you should try and look at this with an eye of no colour or creed, maybe you should just ask yourself the same questions we ask ourselves when these criminals do the same to our children, their children, neighbours and mothers: ” Why are these people doing what they are doing?” It’s not a question of race but a question that seeks to address a crime not a racial attack.

It’s easy for you to write all these things on the internet because you only have a general idea of what happens in our communties and our lives. You do not understand the way in which people live in townships and villages. So you only comment on little knowledge and that knowlwdge is supposed to justify your feelings? Shame on you man.

6 December 2010

Andrew White

To *Dash*,brother don’t waste your breath.Its a genetic flaw.These people are snakes and you cant blame a snake for having vernom.Ngoo satana ezikakezi.Mazicishwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 December 2010


Not our president or ministers ! You chimpanzees voted those monkeys there. They just like any other monkey. We didn’t vote for them, for sure ! Doesn’t matter if they wear a suit, they still monkeys. So It’s YOUR monkey president !!!!!

6 December 2010


We have been hearing these threats for 10 years now, and we said ” come monkeys, please come”. But you monkeys don’t come, because you useless cowardly pieces of black sh*t.

6 December 2010


Steve Hofmeyr is right. He’s saying exactly what we say every day. The black savages are the lowest , most disgusting form of life on this planet. I just hope one day these monkeys try climb over my wall, then I will get my chance to exterminate this vile rubbish. I cant wait.

6 December 2010

Andrew White

Whats ur address Bertie?

6 December 2010


one monkey, one sjambok

7 December 2010


Malema can’t pay the fine, because that monkey already bought bananas with that money

7 December 2010

Philip Regent

I would like to know what progress has been made on the charges the DA laid against this Malema monkey with respect to corruption and tender fraud. We must ensure this monkey is prosecuted and sentenced.

7 December 2010


This shows the fat boy’s total disregard and disrespect for the law, under the guise of freedom of expression yet he want to drag vavi to court every other month for speaking his mind. The main difference is if i defy i court order to pay a fine i get thrown in jail, just comes to show that the ANC can and will be above the law. You know the part where i got the most respect for the ANC this year was when Jackson(ANC spokesman) pleaded guilty to drunken driving and apologized , that is the quality of a leader, not this.

Its sickens me what this country is allowed to turn into

8 December 2010


Christ what is wrong you people. Racism is absurd and counter-productive. Things change and they’re gonna change again and again. We’re gonna evolve past this nonsense (or we’re gonna become extinct – maybe this is the better option). You’re all the same ******* species, it’s just the cultural differences but don’t fret Globalization will sort that out (for better or worse) so grow and stop being childish.

AND BTW all Humans (as in Black, White, Asian, Maori, Native American etc) are 96% Chimpanzee (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/08/0831_050831_chimp_genes.html)

8 December 2010
8 December 2010


Obviously you miss the point. Millions of years ago mankind seperated from the monkey species to become man. However these monkeys in Africa missed that part entirely. They the same monkeys they were millions of years ago. You look at Mugabe, and you tell me its not pure baboon!!! Of course it is !!!

8 December 2010


I was watching “animal planet” on Discovery Channel the other day, and they had video footage of Malema swinging in a tree. How dare those conservationists take unauthorized video without permission ! Bloody agents !

9 December 2010


You Go My President…its all about principles…Tell these PORKS to get lost and find the nearest mud. Bloody PINK PIGS

9 December 2010

Julius Malema

These whites think i’m monkey. But I’m not monkey ! Dammit ! Imperialists. Ok, maybe I look like monkey, but anyway, I refuse ! I will strike. I just refuse.

11 December 2010


Why don’t they issue an arrest warrant for this monkey, for failing to comply with a court order. Then he can go join his monkey brothers in jail.

12 December 2010


This fat boy must suffer the same fate as that other monkey that made useless noise (Mokaba).

13 December 2010


Corruption and incompetence. Over and over again. Who gave those dumb k#ffirs from Lotto the authority to give 40 mill to these ancyl monkeys !!!!

28 December 2010


Die houtkop moet goed gebliksem word !!!!!!! Hy’s net n klein bobbejaan.

2 January 2011


This small round k@ffir needs to be taught a lesson. We must teach this monkey.

3 January 2011


The problem with Malema is he doesn’t know he’s a monkey. Even Zuma, he knows very well he himself is a baboon. But Malema, that one needs to be told he’s a monkey.

20 January 2011


This arrogant black monkey must have his belongings attached for repeatedly failing to comply with court instructions. Or send the monkey to jail.

11 April 2011


Wow wow wow!!! That’s all i can say. People are racist out there. I just wish all of you racist south African citizens can be sent to jail. I guess there are a lot of idiots out there. What’s up with the hating people? why hate on each other?

19 April 2011


You people make me sick… how can you call yourselves proud south africans….? all of us are people of the world, i’m a caucasian south african(a white). This is bull sh*t using the anonimity of internet to further tarnish the name of a south african …COWARDS … white, black, indian, coloured, chinese, japanese, korean … it doesn’t matter we have them all and if you can’t deal with it then go find a deserted island and i promise you’ll hate the locals just as much within a month. every race culture and creed have their “trash”they belong in prisons.. the only problems i have with south africa are… Rife with corruption bribes & politicians. most seem to be out to make quick money and not willing to work, we are ripped off left right and centre by corporations that have monopolized the markets. we have far more to worry about than how we get along. Racisim is a problem but more an inter tribal black vs black than a white vs black these days. those few whites on here that posted their hate speech.. i hope you go find yourselves a better education.

neither side is innocent but its in the past .. most of the latest generation only saw a few years at most of apartheid and yet they behave as though its still happening to them. all i really have to say is get over it and move on… this “process” has taken long enough.

A concerned Proud South African

16 June 2011


Aaaag just get on board or stay behind. Be greatful that we dont send the dogs on you while you are innocently walking the streets…misinformed racists.

Proudly South African

23 June 2011

Easter Golf

That sounds good although i’m just still not so sure that I prefer it. Anyways will look a lot more into it and choose personally! :)

13 August 2011


I told you we’d make this Malema baboon pay the R50000.

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