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Dating while married

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France has often had a reputation for taking a laissez-faire attitude to extra-marital affairs most famously symbolized by President Mitterrand’s funeral, where his wife and mistress stood side by side. Figures suggest the French are no less faithful than other nations but the stereotype persists. Now it could be set to get a boost, thanks to a new dating website designed exclusively for married people hoping to find some fun on the side. Gleeden.com is funded from the States and operates worldwide but it’s in France where the concept has really taken off.

29 November 2010


Wow, this is so naughteez. Everything’s available for a price. Who knows what’s next. I’m not sure I would have the guts to go for something like this.

29 November 2010


The French can do anything an call it art, freedom of choice, alternative lifestyle eg. how their immoral pornographic films are labeled art.
They are immoral and promiscuous, they always have been.

29 November 2010


This sounds like a cool idea, as married man myself I wish my moral standards would allow me to do things like this especial after an argument with my wife. But I guess it will have to remain a fantasy

17 December 2010


@Poppy : For sure you are trolling. They are no worse than any other country. However, what stands out in France is that they are more and more bragging about being immoral to show they have more value than the neighbour. Because of the TV programs (imported from America, mainly) ? It is more of a social issue. People tend to refuse having a life style comparable to the old times so they make anything to be on the edge, to be different. In France, all is about being smarter than anybody, more free than anybody, having less taboos than anybody.
No wonder Gleeden is more successful here.
And if things can go worse, for sure they will.

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