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Road vs. wild through Serengeti

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A project to build a road gashing through Tanzania’s Serengeti park could spell the end of one of the planet’s greatest natural spectacles: the annual great wildebeest migration.

29 November 2010

Brian Sandberg

Well done, Times Live!

At last a major SA media voice about this horrendous travesty. Now for some significant print coverage, too…ongoing! PLEASE !!

We have to stop this madness and that’s easy – build some road infrastructure east and west of the park, look at the movement of certain goods and services via the southern road development underway outside the park, and engage Kenya about some collaborative route around the Mara in the north.

Why the short-cut THROUGH the park across the migration routes?

Short-cuts will gravely damage not only the planet’s greatest hoofed-animal migration for ever, but will totally undermine the future security of the nation’s tourism industry, through a potential ‘In danger’ listing as a World Heritage Site.

Come AFRICA – speak out…loudly!!

(Durban. SA)

29 November 2010


Thank you for bringing attention to this very serious issue. I cannot imagine the wilds of the Serengeti spoiled by a highway and exotic road kills. I urge the Tanzanian government to build around the migratory routes that wildlife depend on for their very survival. With heavy traffic and trucks, they have no chance. Already rhinos and elephants are in great peril along with many other species, the highway would only hasten their extinction.

29 November 2010


Thank you very much for this coverage of the growing concern for saving the Serengeti. We are such a destructiive specie and once the animal’s migrations are interrupted they will perish. The predators wil perish. Once the majesty of the Serengeti eoosystem is destroyed hindsight will be too late, It will be gone forever.

29 November 2010

Siraaj Cassiem

Thanks for your comments, but credit must go the AFP journalist who produced this story. Remember to visit our multimedia website more frequently for more local and international video, audio and photo slide stories.

29 November 2010

Uwe Skrzypczak

Thanks for this video, the Serengeti needs our support so we can get this paradise for the world.

29 November 2010

Julie Hanson

It is absolute madness to put a road through any part of the Serengeti World Heritage Site but the proposal is to build it across the narrowest part of the park where migrating herds will accumulate in vast numbers as they move up and across into the Maasai Mara then return to the south later in the year. The talk of providing much-needed infrastructure for the Maasai people is just a smoke-screen – there are other reasons why the Tanzanian Government is determined the road should take this route – and these reasons have nothing to do with giving communities an economic advantage or ensuring wildlife remains intact and unharmed! Look at the speed of the buses on the video – the driver has complete disregard for the speed limit. Truck drivers will ignore it too – there will be no right of passage for the millions of wildebeest that will have to run the gauntlet of crossing that road when their numbers swell due to seasonal migrations. They understand the dangers of the river crossing, this has been happening for hundreds of years, but man-made highways are a different beast. The carnage of stricken beasts lying beside the road is NOT what I would want to pay to see! The impact of this road on the Serengeti will be huge and irreversible!

As the reporter says in the video, “The full cost to future generations will only become clear once it is too late!”

30 November 2010

Xavier Surinyach

THANKS FOR SPREADING THE WORD. If we can’t save the Serengeti, What will we can save?
Serengeti-Mara is an unique 30.000 sq Km. large where one of the most amazing wildlife phenomenon takes place, more than 1,500,000 ungulates migrating all year round from South-West-North to North-East-South. The planned road will mean their destruction. NO COMMERCIAL ROAD ACROSS THE SERENGETI. STOP THE SERENGETI HIGHWAY.

13 December 2010

Cassy Smitz

awesome post you enjoy

5 May 2011
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