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Mbau upstages Crous at Feather Awards

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Khanyi Mbau upstaged Theunis Crous at the Feather Awards by beating him onto the stage when he was announced as the winner of the Drama Queen of the Year at the glittering event held in Milpark Johannesburg.

11 November 2010


Does someone at this paper have a serious fixation with this monkey above? Is this news?

12 November 2010


Its definitely not news Fred, its entertainment. The website caters for all of its viewers. Thanks Fred

15 November 2010



16 November 2010

Dudu Mkhize

We know it’s entertainment, but it is gross and I believe it has overstayed it’s usefulness (whatever that was).

16 November 2010


Someone take me to the Afghanistan Stadium and ask the Taliban firing squad to open the AK47 at me as much as they can.

16 November 2010

Tintin Sailor

we pay money to watch a movie, they kill the lead actor. next year he acts in another movie, they kill him again and by Jove he is up and playing in yet another…. it is called entertainment. a move away from reality, taking your mind to places it would not have gone on its own.

Fred what you need to understand is that we live reality. however we need fantasies to entertain us and more so for our sanity…

some of us just adore Khanyi… apart from being HOT!!!! shes also found a niche. what you will find strange is that even the ones who criticize her, first read the article or watch the video and then make funny noises, after being entertained.

this is the same hypocrisy portrayed by those who ogle at porn. in the comfort of their bedroom they do wonders thanx to the pornography acquired discreetly. just like Nicodimas. but during the day, they shout morality from rooftops.

… so hands off KM… shes my stress ball, she brings some therapy for me and many….

16 November 2010


We have enough monkeys in the anc whose black faces we see every day in the newspapers stealing something. We don’t want to see another monkey face like mbau in a pointless and utterly useless article.

16 November 2010

Tintin Sailor

Fred high and mighty, you opitimise exactly what i alluded to above. you claim to be above reproach, having an eye on the finer things in life. why don’t you go and read men’s health or GQ? do you wanna now why you won’t? you too are bitten by the Mbau bug.

men who have the most hatred for **** in public, often hide *** tendencies. if this story does not appeal to you, just stop reading it. you keep reading the comments because you just love KM.

what you will find however is that TheTimes will not loose on clients to advertise to, cause there are enough of us who follow this monkey….

shes our monkey… now go be with those who you deem better than the ones we like….

16 November 2010

Brood vir my broer....

Fred. Boeta, some of us had to make peace with seeing black people. at least theres more variety than Patricia Lewis and Steve….

hoe kleiner jou vermoe om met anders te kan leef hoe word jou wereld…

Anc, mbAu, Afriforum, Awb, dA, obAmA, zumA, AmerikA, AfrikA, pAc, orAniA, volkstAAt, etceterA… All cut from the sAme cloth.. so mAke peAce… you will live longA….

19 November 2010


You made peace with what?. Sounds like your problem. Don’t think for a second you can talk on our behalf. We don’t wanna see baboons or hear baboons. They stupid trash.

26 November 2010


please, if u feel u dont like Khanyi, then STOP reading about her but to some of shez a celebrity of her time and we like her. I live in EU at the moment and hey Khanyi is my gal, funny those who pretend NOT to like still swallow their saliva whenever she appears, even if shez ugly YES , Shez got the umph!!!!Love u my gal

19 January 2011



1 February 2011


i love khanyi,no matter what other people think of her.she’s a free spirit.

22 February 2011


I live Khanyi no matter wat

5 April 2011

black n proud

wow.. Fred you are bitter towards black folks, how about those white monkeys of the aparthied regime prior to 1994 that were stealing, killing and oppressing black people for years.

the problem is there are still white people like you Fred that want to see black people oppressed and down and if he or she attempts to make a stand for themselve you dont like it.

Thats why you are against black people with money.

How long have black people suffured internationally and still you are not satisfied because satisfaction is what you get from seeing us down.

Guess what Fred, you will never be satisfied because the so resented and feared black man has risen and still rising and he can never be stopped. however, the black man will send the elevator back down for those at the bottom regardless of race and creed

19 May 2011

Nath Moroka Nel


Guess what? We are here to stay, check elections results! Wake up and smell the coffee you fool!!

26 May 2011


White people especially racists need to remember or rather acknowledge that THIS IS OUR COUNTRY THEY FOUND US HERE infact THIS IS AFRIKA and it belongs to us black people so Fred if you have problem with blacks, you are welcome to go back to your Western countries or wherever you white peeps come from.

26 May 2011


You make me sick

1 October 2011


I dnt care hu likes Khanyi n hu dasnt but those stupid rigid hearted evil white dogs really piss the hell out of ma black *** if u feel u are so special go to hell coz that’s the only place you belong ryt next to your evil father !!!! Blacks r humans n so are other whites except for those hu feel that black ppl belong to the zoo u really make me sick just the thought of u turns me of!

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