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Malema criticised Vavi on hyena statements

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ANCYL President Julius Malema criticised Cosatu General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi on his recent statements calling ANC leaders ‘political hyenas’.  Malema was addressing journalists at Luthuli House on how the Youth League viewed the ANC’s National General Council, held recently in Durban.

1 October 2010

Patrick Wisani

President Julius Malema we will defend you with our lifes,come 2011 we as delagates we will vote you back as the President of the ANCYL it’s not up to you to decide,when the masses want you,not is valid reason for you to not avail your self, Forwad with Nationalisation of Mines Forwad!!!!!!!!!

1 October 2010


will someone please sign up this guy to a gym and ban him from all KFCs for his own good, he is turning into JABA the hut

he wont make another term at this rate as his obesity is gonna give him a heart attack

2 October 2010


Malema ,the fact that you must attend political school as part of your displine means you are politically immature ,If your term ends simply step down and remember its for you to decide what the Mother body should do about Vavi That exactly what you have reprimanded for Learn to shut your mouth

2 October 2010


she malema u are a man of mans/

2 October 2010


Political Education for Malema is quite necessary and I advise him to consistently and seriously consider it, otherwise his political career might just end soon. Also, please Malema don’t allow yourself to become the daily subject of the media, you will run out of facts and further loose political sight. We expect your character/ calibre to take over from us and succeed this movement in our absence.

6 October 2010


when you destroy others, you must know that your turn will come soon. If Vavi was real serious about corruption, why did he suppoted Zuma while he knew that he is corrupt.Vavi is just using poor working class to get high government position.Mthahte Malema mthathe

7 October 2010


Ironic this. Monkeys talking about hyenas !!!!

2 March 2011


do not attact the man based on his physic but rather on the statements that he makes, what is it with adults mocking people at this stage and life time (disapointed)

13 April 2011

Tintin Sailor

say what you like, Malema iz good…..

13 April 2011


All the black gentleman that have written there messages of support for malema have written in broken english. That just tells you exactly what kind of people support malema. THE STUPID KIND.
VIVA VAVI VIVA. Let malema screw up this country good and solid so we can all live poorer. But what you expect. The black man was designed and built to suffer. They can endure more than the white people when it comes to hard times. Its just a pity that that is exactly what they were designed for. Just look at the rest of Africa, the most unstable continent in the world. and still its all the white mans fault!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 July 2011


This fat monkey should be in a cage at the zoo.

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