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President’s speech hailed as on point

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President Jacob Zuma’s speech during the opening of the ANC National General Council, held in Durban was hailed as on point by some delegates who attended his address.  Some of the points made by the President during his speech included discipline in the ANC and how the party should lead the government.  Some of the delegates included Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane, Community Safety Director General Ayanda Dlodlo.

21 September 2010

Fohloza Njalo

Tell us more about nationalizing banks and mines.

21 September 2010


I have one great fear: ‘When the ANC will turn to think and love SA, SA will turn to think and hate the ANC’

21 September 2010

Mogomotsi Kelepile

ANC President’s political report to the 3rd ANC National General Council was indeed one of his toughest approaches and there was a dire need infact to give clarity to the tri-partite alliance and subsequently the leagues, on who is the political centre within the Multi-Democratic Movement. It spoke much about the ANC as the centre. I was very impressed with his quotation from William Shakespeare, dedicating it to the break-aways from the ANC. And also is the issue of “juniors respecting their seniors” these will instill order in the ANC. Forward with Gedleyihlekisa forward!

22 September 2010

Cyprian Lunga

The comment Fohloza Njalo seems to be one of those NOTHINGS because his/her name speaks for itself as into Efohlozayo njalo. ANC, ignore it, its not worth any thoughtout comment.

22 September 2010

Khmotjo Manthata

The speech might haved hailed and won back the trust on many in the nation, but we all now politicians. Sensible as it may have all we need now is see everything being put into action…

Day and night thye youth sit and apply hopefully on jobs that the very same government promised to create in order to combat the spread of poverty, but now what gives? We s the South African community still need clearance on what, when, where and how is government gonna just be faithful to us.

Let Government start delivering on the services it has promised in order to re-restore the little faith that the nation might stil have in it….

Knowledge is key..

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