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Malema to meet King on polygamy

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ANCYL President Julius Malema is set to meet with the Zulu  King, Goodwill Zwelithini about polygamy.  This comes after weekly newspapers reported that  Malema was against polygamy and didn’t approve of it.  Malema said he will meet with the King to explain what he meant when he said ‘one boyfriend and one girlfriend’.  He was talking during the Youth’s League 66th birthday celebrations in Polokwane, Limpopo.

17 September 2010


Malema is right. One girlfriend for one boyfriend. Then the HIV rate will atleast decrease.
Viva malema,for oncee he said something with common sense

17 September 2010

david phiri

malema is our future leader our future president, like it or not/// wait 10 years

18 September 2010


Malema is a monkey

18 September 2010


Malema has realised that he has committed a political suicide. Rest assured as a leader of ANCYL in my own right he will never get support from KZN. We will mobilise against him and he does not represent our views. He can’t continue to insult our leaders and seniors. Mbalula Oh, unto you…………. You can’t been aspiring General Secretary and you can’t reprimand your chief lobbyist in public about the utterance and disrespect toward the elders in the Movement! This shows that duirng your term, ANC will loose its remaining skeletons of the moral compass……… Iyodibana e-Mangaung!

18 September 2010

tony jackson

No… a monkey has more brains than him

18 September 2010

tony jackson

Polygomy has got nothing to do with him. It is a Zulu custom and he should keep his mouth shout. What a big mouth he is. Wish he would disappear forever. he is disturbing this beautiful country and it’s peoples. He is just a big mouthed bully.

21 September 2010

Mbulelo Dyasi

One boyfriend and girlfriend has nothing to do with Zuma, it is young people. People once let’s focusing on positives about ANCYL. When kids are doing something good we complain and when they’re doing badly we talk. Give our kids a break.

13 October 2010


One man, one woman. esoke sisibonelo.

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