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Nationalisation is ANC policy according to Malema

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ANCYL President Julius Malema has called nationalisation a party policy, and was critical of party leaders who were against it. This was during his address to the Mining for Change conference in Sandton.

8 September 2010


We all getting tired of seeing this monkey’s face in the news. I wish a taxi would drive over him so we don’t have to listen to the rubbish this dumb little monkey utters.

8 September 2010


Dictionary says monkey is that primate that swings in trees, and make funny noise. Nothing to do with trousers. lebza must also be monkey like malema !!

8 September 2010


mind your words brother racism is a crime in this country….especially for foreigners like you ( you are not an african..perhaps you should move to europe where you will not be bothered by monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 September 2010


what kind of monkey are you because with that type of thinking you surely are one..

9 September 2010


I have yet to come across 1 african country that has developed into 1st world. Every time the monkeys go about destroying everything and breaking the system and the country down, like zimbabwe, and like this monkey malema is doing. The only conclusion is the monkeys want to live in a banana republic.

9 September 2010


Well I just think malema is used as tool/instrument to destroy our country.his elders send him to do the Dirty work but seen that he is a fool
He falls into the trap,

9 September 2010


I can’t wait to see what you going to do about it, dumb monkey !!!!

10 September 2010


Go ahead keep calling us monkeys it’s quite clear that you’ll never change.

11 September 2010


It’s amazing that 1 monkey like malema can send south africa down the path to a banana republic with his baboon tendencies. This is the result of the anc put in power by the vote of 40 million dumb monkeys.

13 September 2010


Malema Malema Malema!!! trying to reverse the status of this peacefull land of ours into a huge battle field

13 September 2010


Men dont call people who voted dumb monkeys because of the action of one individuals you seem to carry the same unhealthy attitude Malema has (Nxa)

13 September 2010


The result of nationalisation is millions more blacks un-employed. The monkeys simply cannot run a business.! Look at Aurora – monkeys. Eskom – monkeys. Farms – 90% of farms given to the monkeys – CLOSED DOWN ! ( I think the anc monkeys know only the whites can run the mines, but the malema chimpanzees want the profits. So the whites must say ” f*#k off monkeys! “.)

15 September 2010


ANC = ” Apes ‘n Chimpanzees “

18 September 2010


This monkey shouts nationalisation is policy, but the baboons in government squeal that it’s NOT policy. The government better give their monkey malema a hiding and force him to shut his black mouth, otherwise bye bye investment. You have been warned.

19 September 2010


I really enjoy reading these comments cause it proves that all these pigs are frustrated,maybe the pigs must consider going back to Europe..

9 November 2010


actually i’m flabbergasted by ur horrendeous, malicious, inciteful and bogus statements u are imposing to our president. ur problem is dat u are ignorant, u dnt knw anything about politics, u r jst a coconut with some sponsured views. u mst b a forigner i guess, go whr u belong and impose those bogus statements to our country (nxa)

9 November 2010


who are you to call our leaders with baboons….ur stomack nxa…

9 November 2010


Your leaders are all rubbish black baboons, stupid like you monkey.

8 January 2011


These whites come with that cleva white tendency. We don’t want. We want swing in trees and eat pap, because we black. Even now, I don’t know that woodwork, but I’m monkey, so I dont care. Bloody agents !!!!!

7 March 2011


The multi- nationals must remove their equipment, close the mines and remove their people. Then we can stand back and watch the monkeys try figure out how to bring the minerals out the ground. It will be funny watching those monkeys like Zuma and Malema standing next to the hole, confused about how to get the minerals out the hole.

13 April 2011


Monkey this Monkey that u still live in a country governened by these monkeys whether u like it or not……………. Just accept that apartheid will never come back and move on with your lifes!! What exactly is your complaint? everything thats Black is a monkey? Even Barrack Obama?

9 July 2011


Ja. If it’s black….

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