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Public servants reject government offer

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National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union (Nahawu) who represent more than 200,000 public service workers have rejected governments pay offer. Unions are demanding a wage increase of 8.6% and a R1000 housing allowance versus governments 7.5% wage offer and R800 housing allowance. Public service workers will be gathering in major centres across the country today as they continue their strike action.

2 September 2010


The government must just hold firm. These baboons haven’t realised that the longer they strike, the more money they lose.

3 September 2010


Govt. should reduce its spending on politicians salaries and perks by 75% and use this money to give public servants at least 8% salary increase and a R1000 housing allowance. Politicians should use cheaper cars, moderately priced official homes, cut down on travel ( use conference calls for some meetings) – after all we pay for every convenience they have.

3 September 2010


That will never happen, you wasting your time. The monkeys in the anc want to drive around in the fancy white man’s cars (Mercs and BMWs).

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