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Government ups offer to stikers

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Under instruction from President Jacob Zuma, government were instructed to negotiate further with unions regarding the offer presently on the table.  The offer has been revised – watch our video to find out further details.

31 August 2010


Looks like only in africa does it pay to act like a monkey. Where is this money going to come from. The monkeys in government will probably try steal it from the whites again.

31 August 2010

neo de jenero

Andy that’s just plain racist dude! You make it sound like there are no white civil servants! And what has the government stolen from whites? Please give me an example! I still don’t believe people still have that kinda mentality in aug 2010. You gonna need to grow up and learn to get over yourself !

31 August 2010


The monkeys in government are stealing the tax money paid by WHITES. Billions of it. Do you think the k#ffirs in soweto pay tax (or electricity, or water, or rates, or licences, or school fees, or medical aid or this or that, etc etc etc etc etc the list is endless). Are you brain dead you don’t know what’s going on in this country?

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