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“Strike will intensify” – COSATU

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Trade federation COSATU warned today that the ongoing public servant strike will intensify in days to come. Speaking at a press conference COSATU secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi said that the entire economy will be brought to a halt if demands are not met.

24 August 2010


Announce the end of negotiations. Give the monkeys 1 day to return to work. Those that don’t return are immediately fired. Employ new monkeys in their place immediately. It won’t be difficult to replace them, because they useless in their job anyway.

25 August 2010


While the chief baboon tours China, the rest of his chimpanzees are causing chaos back in SA.

25 August 2010


If SA’s unemployment rate is at 44% (or higher?) would it not be possible & quite easy to fire these people and employ the people who are not working, and thus can not be members of any “unions”? Really – most of these people are in jobs that do not require massive amounts of skill(s)… if any… Just a thought, but I say get rid of all of them (incl. the Vavi-monster) and let the people work who want to work. Unemployed people will be too grateful for the salary that these “workers” are refusing.

25 August 2010


If u call us monkeys then what r u? What, still can’t live with the fact that the monkeys r running the country?

25 August 2010


I hate being a racist, but calling me a monkey would probably make me one. Cant these fu#king things: Jessica and Ronald, grow up or apppreciate the fact that they r ruled. U dont advice here, instead u r fu#king fuelling an inferno. If u hate blacks, then simply leave Africa damnit.

25 August 2010


I’ve already said this above if you read it. Fire the striking monkeys and employ new monkeys. Simple. And give them a pay cut, because they useless.

25 August 2010


The monkeys are dooming themselves to poverty. Their small brains (like a baboons’) is incapable of realising – more strikes, the economy suffers, inflation has to go up, they spend more to survive, so they end up in the same financial position. More strikes, less foreign confidence in the country (because the monkeys are always striking), so less foreign investment, less money spent in the country, so less growth. So they worse off at the end. But then again, I wouldn’t expect a small monkey brain to understand this.

27 August 2010


You do realise that whites still run the country right?

21 July 2011

nodrik kuvuna

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