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Mother and sick daughter feel brunt of strike

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The streets continued to burn as the public sector strike drags on in various cities around the country. The sick and helpless were once again left to fend for themselves. Two mothers desperate for medical assistance suffer the brunt of the public sector strike at Rahima Moosa Hospital in Johannesburg.

23 August 2010


You monkeys voted for those baboons in the anc (zuma etc). So now you must suffer the consequences of your stupidity. We told you, but you monkeys never listen, as usual, so you going to learn the hard way.

30 August 2010


it is sad to see all this things that are happening in this country.
i remember the time we were going to vote the goverment offered us 13% but now we are struggling to get 8.6%.

i want ANC to know that they have lost my vote as next time there are elections no matter who will be the president i will vote for DA.


30 August 2010


We really don’t give a d@mn if these baboons die by the thousands. The monkeys were so arrogant when they voted for the anc, so now go to your anc and ask them why you dying. Now I give all you baboons the middle finger and say – ” go blame your monkey brothers, they the ones striking”.

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